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Once, I had a huge crush on him. Then, I rejected everything he stood for. Now, he’s my new boss. Billionaire entrepreneur Landon Birmingham rescues me from the most crushingly awkward moment of my life. He offers me a job when I need it most. For a while, I’m lulled into believing he’s the kind man I knew ten years ago. But he’s changed. Forget the 1%. He’s now the 0.001%. He and his brothers have built a luxury residential tower nicknamed Billionaire Heights. Each suite is a penthouse, and only the richest of the rich need apply. As Landon’s personal assistant, I’m drawn into his world of five-star dining, high-stakes bachelor auctions, and cars that cost more than my apartment. Gradually, I show him my world, too, and while homemade picnics, free concerts in the park, and public transportation are foreign to him, it’s clear there’s more to Landon than a rich playboy with a smoking hot body. Each time we’re together, my feelings for him grow. But just when I conclude he’s still a good man I could love, a secret from my past emerges that tests us both.

They have no choice but to break all the rules. Hopefully their hearts will avoid the same fate… Millicent Strong has no time for the nobility and their nonsense. Making sure her shop is ready for Christmas requires her full focus. So, when a brooding, battle-scarred lord shows up making ludicrous claims about her being the daughter of a duke, Millicent’s tempted to send him away. But there’s something about him that keeps her from saying no…to anything he wants… Gabriel is desperate. The only way to rescue his sister from a marriage worse than death is to use Millicent as leverage against her vile father. The last thing he expected was for her to cooperate with his wild plan. And her offer to bring in The Kidnap Club? Even better. Now all he’ll have to do is figure out how to stop kissing his oh-so-willing victim… But a fake kidnapping can lead to some very real—and problematic—feelings. When all is said and done, Millicent and Gabriel will need a lot more than the magic of the holiday season to make it to happily ever after…

He can bring the heat, but she’s a curveball he never saw coming… Hannah: My plan is sound: Fix the major league ballplayer’s PR crisis, ignore the annoying crush I have on the cocky jerk. I’ve had a front-row seat for how he conducts his personal life for years, and I want nothing to do with it—no matter how hot he is, or how weak he makes my knees. But my sound plan crumbles as I spend time with him and discover that maybe—just maybe—Jack Reagan’s more than a waste of handsome. Jack: Baseball is my life. I don’t have time for unnecessary drama. So when my ex-girlfriend publishes a tell-all book, I know I need Hannah Adams. She’s worked PR magic for my team in the past, and I need all the help I can get to repair my reputation. Once the job’s done, all I’ll be left to figure out is…when did Hannah turn into a sexy-as-hell woman who makes me want things—forever kind of things—I never wanted from any other woman? It’s the bottom of the ninth. Will Hannah and Jack go deep, or strike out for good?  

My younger brother hates me… he’s getting married. And of course, my mother is going to have a field day with me still being a bachelor. But love is for the birds. I don’t have time for that madness. So, a fake date from an agency will work in a pinch. Hope this poor damsel in distress is up for having to meet my wretched family. If she survives, I’ll have to give her a bonus. Or hire her for my lonelier nights. Much to my surprise, she’s not at all what I thought she would be. Curvy, bold, hilarious – everything I want in my life. This isn’t good. Why in the world would a woman like her sell her time to a man like me? Surely there’s more to her story than meets the eyes. Not my problem. I just need one thing from the delicious beauty. Fake it real good, baby. Fake it good.

Love is in the air in Reindeer Ridge as four female shop owners celebrate the season. As an animal lover, the last thing Annaliese Bennett needs is a trapped bear in the shop across from her pet clothing store. But that’s exactly what she finds when she returns from being out of town. Worse, the bear has been deliberately trapped by the shop’s owner, Will Parker. Will is starting a new life in the town of Reindeer Ridge. His shop, The Big Bear, sells novelty items while also providing guests the chance to see a live bear kept humanely in the back of the store. Unfortunately, the shop owner across the way seems to be determined to have his shop closed down. But Annaliese soon begins to realize that Will isn’t the bad guy she wants to make him out to be. As their feelings for each other start to grow, they both begin to realize the importance of compromise.

Rafe and Tate have been best friends since they joined the Marines a lifetime ago. After fighting side-by-side they decide not to break up the team when they start driving for Foxtrot Freight. They are hard to take alone let alone teamed up together but it’s how they come. Together or not at all. Not just on the road but with women. It’s been impossible to find a woman right for either of them because they share everything–including their pleasure. Rachel Quince is a hell of a mechanic but all the guys at her shop care about is her rear end. The only guys who crank her gears are the two big beautiful men she shamelessly flirts with every chance she gets. She suspects they come as a pair and as much as she’d like to be a third wheel on their ride, she doubts she can be enough for both of them.

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