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Badass. Kickass. Sometimes just ass. All words that define former SEAL, Archer Ford. Former because an error he made sent his friend and teammate home to his pregnant wife in a body bag. Lily Scott doesn’t know her best friend’s estranged brother. He’s always been a mystery to her. But when her best friend disappears, she has no choice but to call Archer for help. Archer can barely trust his instincts let alone his desire for the beautiful, curvy woman he finds in his brother’s bed. She assures him they’re just friends, but he doesn’t know how anyone could resist her. Archer definitely isn’t strong enough. The rest of his team shows up to help search for Archer’s brother and everyone becomes a suspect, including Lily. Trust is questioned and broken. And freedom is guaranteed to no one.

So I enter this tennis tournament almost by accident… and get paired with a guy with the hottest buns. And I know all about hot buns – I work in a bakery. Our first date ends in the backseat of his limo and I find out that his perfect suit hides a perfect body. And I also find out that his billion-dollar empire wants the same corner lot my bakery needs to survive. I finally meet a perfect guy and he turns out to be my worst enemy! But I have an advantage – he doesn’t know that I know about him. Or does he? Playing pretend is so easy when he showers me with gifts and attention. And when he kisses me and holds me in his arms I don’t have to pretend at all. Despite all this, there is no way I am letting him win. When my family’s future is at stake, there are no rules. But I still can’t stop thinking about that fateful day… The day I met Jon, the Billionaire.

He’s the leader of the mountain rescue service. She might just need saving. Lochie: For too long, I’ve been alone. Just me and my daughter. Keeping her safe is everything, so taking a job in the remote Scottish Highlands suits us fine. I shouldn’t need anything more. Yet I’m beyond distracted by a lass. Smart, beautiful, and living right next door, Cait McRae makes it clear she’s not interested. Every sly glance tells another story. It’s all I can do not to throw her over my shoulder and take her home. Cait might claim she only wants to explore the physical, but I know she’s wrong. She’s mine. If the people pursuing us both don’t destroy what we’ve found. Cait: I always knew I was different. No one ever caught my eye. Until a huge, scowling man moves in next door. He’s the new head of the mountain rescue service, and a single dad to a sweet little girl. Turns out, I’m a late bloomer, as all I can think about is Lochie. But someone else wants me. A series of strange events point to one conclusion. I have a stalker, and the danger I’m in is only just starting.

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