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Death can’t stop Love. She lost her fiancé years ago. He’s looking for something that feels like home. When they meet at the Halloween Fest, will they embrace the supernatural elements bringing them together and give love a second chance? Trixie: I lost the love of my life days before Halloween, only hours after he proposed, and every year since then he’s come to visit me in my dreams—except this year. So, when a stranger (who reminds me of him in every way) comes to town with his sights set on me, I have to wonder if he is a trick or a treat. If he’s a trick—well, my heart’s already broken. But if he’s a treat—he’s the happily ever-after I thought I lost years ago. What do I have to lose, besides my mind, if I play trick-or-treat with the new guy in town? Treat: I woke up from a coma three months ago, and nothing of my previous life has felt right. So, I follow my instincts into the Sangre de Cristo mountains to a little town hosting a Halloween Festival, and suddenly everything feels right. Right place, right time, and right girl who shines like a beacon in an otherwise muted world. The closer I get to her, the more I realize the man on the inside is not the man on the outside, and if I want to stay, I have to convince her to risk her heart and love me as the man she once loved.

Brace yourself! Inside this bundle are 17 stories of BDSM, explicit adult action, kinky experiences, and so much more! Alexandra Noir has written these stories over several years. Her entire adult life has been dedicated to different kinds of kinky experiences and she can’t wait to share them with you! This bundle includes stories of a police woman giving up control for the first time in her life, a woman’s Caribbean adventure becoming an unforgettable sexual romp, and office politics veering out of control!

Sage Buchanan is focused. School and graduating college is at the top of her list. Those are the only things on her list. So, when she’s forced to attend the Halloween party of the year–in a provocative Cinderella dress–Prince Charming is far from her mind. Apparently, he’s closer than she expected. It’s all fun and games until the stroke of midnight and the hocus pocus turns near-tragic she’s running for her life. Weeks later, she’s facing him and the impact of that night all over again. Is there a chance they’ll get their happily ever after or should she quit while she’s ahead? Because everyone knows fairy tales never do come true. This October, twenty-three of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a month filled with sexy-spooky Halloween steam. Get ready for over-the-top love stories sure to set your spine—and other parts*wink*—tingling. Brew some cider, grab your favorite blanket, and snuggle up with these hot shorts. The Halloween Steam series is sure keep you warm and cozy all autumn long.

One night just wasn’t enough. It was only meant to be a one-night fling for Bryce and Hayden, but when one night wasn’t enough, they agreed to seven more. Seven nights was all it took for them to know they’d found their happily ever after. It seemed simple enough, but a danger lurking in the shadows threatened their future. They hoped to have forever, but they were about to find out their happily ever after wasn’t as easy as they thought.

They say I’m theirs. That they own me and I’m powerless to escape. And to prove their point, the ruthless mafia men steal me away. As of three hours ago I learn I’m indebted to the tune of ten million dollars to the Chicago mafia underground because my deceased father couldn’t keep his thirst for power and money in check. But before he died, he left me with a gift. An arranged marriage to the mafia men he owes. Lucky me. I’m barely scraping by as it is so I have two choices: play nice with the beautiful, deadly mafia bosses and pay my father’s debt… or marry them. This is no fairy-tale story and I’m no wanna-be Cinderella. They’ve made it clear they’ll take my body as payment and warn me not to run because they own every inch of me for as long as they wish. Once they put their hands on me I’m afraid I’ll like what they do to me. Question is, can I be the queen they want me to be?

Psychic? Not if I can help it. I took a birthday trip to Salem on Halloween night, and now nothing will ever be the same. I have a haunting secret. One I can’t tell my family or friends without them locking me up in some loony bin. So, for now, I remain quiet and pretend not to get visions or see the ghosts that are haunting me. I pretend to be normal in this new boring job. Until one day, I can’t. And this time, there’s a witness. Regardless of how sexy he is or how he makes my heart skip a beat, he believes I’m certifiable. And he’s right. One-touch of a cold case file sends my life in a tailspin I didn’t see coming. One-touch was all it took, and now I have no choice. The only way to stop the crazy is to solve what the police couldn’t. In a case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever, I’ll have to find a killer before he finds me and makes my murder next on his list.

Aurora: I just made a mistake that might cost me my freedom. Gray was charming and kind. I was starting to fall in love with him until I found out he lied to me about who he was. He works for the king who enslaved me as a child. Now Gray’s always one step behind me. I can’t shake him. It’s not just me I have to worry about. I have a secret, one that we created together. I’ll do anything to protect my child. Gray: Fate brought us together. Aurora is my soul mate. I never meant to hurt her. I catch up to her just in time to save her from an attack by our common enemy. The orion plan to kill me and enslave her. When we crash land on a strange planet we come to a tentative truce. I need her to trust me, but the secrets I keep would scare her away. Can I protect her without losing her forever?

A senseless attack brings clarity to Rare Breed’s Wes’ life…Wes Archer is gay. His friends and sister accept him without judgment and love him for having the strength to live his true life. The band and his friends have become an escape from the misery of living with a homophobic father, and he hates to think how things would be without them in his life. When he meets Wyatt, a surfer, down at the beach, their relationship becomes another welcome distraction from life at home, and he finally sees a future away from his parents. But just as Wes starts to grow in confidence, an unprovoked attack threatens to derail his courage and determination. Can the band, his sister, and Wyatt show him that he can move beyond his past, and toward a happy and bright new future, where Rare Breed reach for the stars?

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