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I told myself I was done with men. After a string of bad relationships, then the devastation of losing my mom to cancer, I knew life would never be the same.Losing my mom was hard enough, but finding out she had lied to me my entire life has rocked me to the core. Even still, I carry out her last wishes and return to her hometown in California. I was expecting to learn about my mom’s life and extended family, but of course, it’s never that simple. My world changes when I meet Dax, and he makes me question everything.I have to return home to Seattle, but I also have to make a choice. I swore I was done with relationships and I was happy being single, but there’s something about Dax that I don’t want to leave behind.

A matebond born in blood and betrayal. An obsessed alien warlord prince who will hunt her across galaxies rather than let her go… Chanda: I’m just your average gal, a fugitive on the run from the possessive barbarian warlord who tried to claim me as his mate and drag me back to his planet as a blood concubine. I fled. He isn’t happy. How was I supposed to know he was a prince? And since I’m a wanted criminal on his planet, when he captures me, I don’t expect a happy reunion. One savage warrior prince pissed off at having to hunt me across galaxies? Check. Two walking, talking secrets I’ve kept from him? Double check. A mating frenzy I can’t escape, and an enemy who doesn’t want me to have a happily ever after? Yeah, check that too. 

Malik Pierce lives with his family’s high expectations in his head. He does his best to make them proud. Slated as the next CEO for a billion-dollar racing company and on track to become its top strategist, he should be on top of the world, but life has handed him a cheating scandal that won’t be simple to solve. Sarai Lambert wants a man she can trust to do the right thing, but right now, Malik isn’t that man. Not yet, anyway. She can’t sit back and wait as life passes her by. She has to move on, but when she does, the happy life she thought she’d get in exchange for leaving her hometown is nothing but a dream… until or unless Malik can pull himself together and fix the problems in his life. Will they find a path forward together or are Malik’s problems too much for either to bear?

He’s supposed to be the one I trust, yet he brought them here. Here where I’m supposed to be safe… I thought I’d found home when I was taken to my father’s estate, only to realize I never knew what real home was … not until I met the Fae. And then him. Now, I have a choice to make. Stay here and be driven insane by the bond that pushes me to mate with my men, or go back and find a way to sever it for good … or die trying. Problem is, I don’t really have a choice… Not if my heart and the Fae have anything to say about it.

He claimed me. He threw me over his shoulder and marked me as his own. A freak accident sends me into the midst of a military camp in an alien world. Immediately, a group of aliens surrounds me and they’re literally lining up to ravage me. But before they can touch me, Eldas the Scovein steps in. Gigantic, blue, and unreasonably attractive. I thought he was my savior. But in reality, he’s my captor. Eldas is possessive. Terrifying. Why do I feel the urge to be closer to him… closer than any man before? He’s sworn to protect me and keep me safe. At first, I couldn’t believe that, but the connection I feel cannot be denied. Maybe he really is my savior.

Originally published as Hard Irish Mafia, but Sy and Kat deserved more! So, I’ve re-imagined their story as a hot baby-making reverse harem mafia romance that brings the darkness, heat and happily-ever-after. They say I’m theirs. That they own me and I’m powerless to escape. And to prove their point, the ruthless mafia men steal me away. As of three hours ago I learn I’m indebted to the tune of ten million dollars to the Chicago mafia underground because my deceased father couldn’t keep his thirst for power and money in check. But before he died, he left me with a gift. An arranged marriage to the mafia men he owes. Lucky me. I’m barely scraping by as it is so I have two choices: play nice with the beautiful, deadly mafia bosses and pay my father’s debt… or marry them. This is no fairy-tale story and I’m no wanna-be Cinderella. They’ve made it clear they’ll take my body as payment and warn me not to run because they own every inch of me for as long as they wish. Once they put their hands on me I’m afraid I’ll like what they do to me. Question is, can I be the queen they want me to be?

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