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What do you give the billionaire who has everything? Nate Miller’s music company just sold for a billion dollars, making him one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Despite getting the life he thought he always wanted, he can’t help but be nostalgic about the girl who got away because of it. When he finds out she’s getting engaged, he decides he needs to do something about it before it’s too late. Stella Buchanan is a triple threat. Though best known for her acting career, singing was always her true passion. The problem was the music industry revolved around Nate Miller, her ex-boyfriend and record producer. When he broke her heart, she promised to leave that world behind forever. At least, until she runs into Nate at the Billionaire Birthday Club during Christmas. Will Nate’s birthday gift be the perfect present for the holidays? Will Stella decide to give Nate a second chance? And what will happen when Stella’s on and off boyfriend shows up on the island, diamond ring in hand?

What they had started with a dare that made her insides melt… Cara is a curvy, African American woman who doesn’t take any crap. Hardworking and fiercely caring, she will go to bat for those who deserve it. Nick is an absentee club owner with too much time and money on his hands. He is a brat and the kind of guy to never settle down, especially with someone even more alpha than himself. When the two meet, sparks fly…in a bad way. Everyone knows to keep out of the way when the two strong personalities clash, but this same heat that burns in the club sets fire to the sheets. Can an independent BBW find her match in taming a pig-headed player and maybe get everything she didn’t know she wanted?

If I’ve learned anything in my twenty-one years, it’s how to play it safe. My rules are simple… Don’t lose sight of the prize in your last year of college. Don’t get distracted by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. And don’t fall for guys who make you question everything. I’ve been doing so well, too…until my best friend drags me to a trendy Vegas nightclub to celebrate the beginning of winter break. I might be wearing my sexiest dress, but that doesn’t explain why I’ve caught the attention of three men who are too rich, too arrogant, and too hot for their own good. And they’re not giving up. I know Shane, Nicholas, and Cole are keeping secrets from me. The question is—why? Blame it on my journalistic instincts, but I can’t resist figuring out what they’re up to. If I’m forced to go on a series of extravagant dates to find the answers I’m seeking, so be it. All in the name of research, right? But I probably should have reminded myself not to get in too deep. If I’m not careful, I won’t only break my rules—I’ll risk my heart.

He owns the spotlight, she lives in the shadows. Vee: My only purpose? Keep lethal cryptids in check, and our Company existence secret. Sometimes a girl needs a night of karaoke and tequila though. Instead, after a vicious new cryptid species crashes the party, I end up saving and carting home a way arrogant, way hot chef. With Bruce Kantor now a temporary roommate it seems like the perfect time to indulge my forbidden civilian fascination—especially the friends-with-benefits part. But the feelings he ignites threaten my oath and mission. Bruce: Damn right I’m the bad boy of the culinary world. I live for the limelight, and the legions of #BruceTheBastard fans love my temper as much as my food. After stomping out of one high-profile gig, all I’m looking for are directions to my next. What I get is a giant Komodo Dragon-wannabe, and Vee Ramirez, the most infuriatingly irresistible woman to ever hit my radar. Even if we survive the relentless monster on my trail, our future is toast unless I can convince Vee there’s more to life than the Company. Trained from birth to defend humanity, the members of Company Alpha Cryptid Containment are the best of the best at what they do–protecting Region Two from that which goes bump in the night. But protecting their hearts? That’s a whole different story.

Supernatural hunter Dex Jager sets out on a journey to find his sister, fighting evil along the way. Everything changes when he partners up with unexpected allies and he finds himself unable to resist the one thing that he vows to fight. Book 1- Resisting Darkness: How can you destroy the world’s monsters when you’re in love with one? Supernatural hunter, Dex Jager, will stop at nothing to find the vampire brood that captured his sister, and take them down one by one. After a motorcycle accident lands him in the small town of Whispering Pines, he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and partnered with Cora Fisher, the beautiful town coroner. As Dex and Cora grow closer and secrets surface, Dex is faced with the toughest decision of his life. How can you resist the darkness when it’s the one thing you love? Book 2- Resisting Moonlight: How can you stay away from the one you can’t resist? Shayla Winters survives her first frat party…barely. She is introduced to the irresistible lacrosse player Jace Connor, but soon finds herself breaking up a fight between him and football star Owen Ward with strength she never knew she possessed. Then the mysterious Dex Jager appears. His announcement that he’s a supernatural hunter, and that she is fae—and in danger—turns her world upside down. Shayla is thrown into a world of vampires and werewolves, all of whom want the light she possesses inside. Jace can’t resist Shayla. He tells her his deepest, darkest secret—he’s a werewolf. He vows to fight alongside her and destroy the vampires who want to capture her for their own personal gain—especially Owen Ward. Will Shayla and Jace survive the darkness, or be swallowed up by moonlight?

Check into the Damselfly Inn and fall in love with Thornton, Vermont. When a late summer storm drops a tree branch through her roof, Thornton’s new innkeeper wonders if the quaint village is really as perfect as it seems. Nan Grady hasn’t had time for dating, never mind romance. Hospitality is her full time job, but she can’t deny her attraction to local contractor Joss Fuller. Joss prefers things simple, until Nan and her inn disrupt his steady, small-town routine. Now there’s a honeymoon suite to remodel, a woman from Joss’s past checked in on the second floor, and a mysterious vandal targeting the Damselfly Inn—all conspiring to tear Nan and Joss apart. Can the promise of new love hold them together?

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