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Ella Cassidy is looking for love, so when she hears about Grace Graham’s dating service ‘What the Heart Wants’ where you handwrite love letters to your potential suitor, she’s eager to start.

She’s so in, she starts her letter ‘Dear Future Husband’. But there’s an error that leads to Ella getting letters from TWO potential suitors. One’s letters are the romance she’s dreamed of, the other’s letters are, well, just so darn… DIRTY.

Ella’s roommate, Finn, tells her she’s bound to end up on a date with a 6-stone, pasty-faced, serial killer. But are Finn’s concerns just for Ella’s safety, and are the suitors who she thinks…

Trio – This book contains the following previously published short stories.

Viking: Driven to suicide by the emptiness of her life, Tania discovers that wishes can come true…

Love By The Waters: Whilst taking a holiday along the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, Simone meets an interesting stranger…

Dancing: Be Careful What You Wish For… Imagination is all very well, but what happens when imagination meets reality…

She’s headed home for a funeral. He wants her home for good. Will she leave for her life in the city, or can they become more than friends?

Sadie: I love working as an interior designer in the big city, but life here is nothing like growing up on Mistletoe Mountain. Though I can admit, it gets a little lonely here, and a part of me always thought I’d make it back to my hometown. When my best friend’s dad passes unexpectedly, it has me hopping on the first flight home. Anders is handsome, sweet, and strong. But does loving him mean leaving behind the life I built?

Anders: As the oldest in a family of three boys, taking charge is nothing new for me. But with my dad passing away, the responsibility of running our family’s inn weighs heavy on my shoulders. There’s only ever been one love in my life and I need her by my side more now than ever before. Sadie is compassionate, genuine, and beautiful. But can I convince her that we can be more than just friends?

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