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Harley Lane is not an easy man to scare. He was a marine and now he is a widow who keeps the town safe with his security business–and his heart safe by locking out any chance of romance. Hanna Potter scares him good, though. From the day he meets her, he is afraid of what she makes him feel. Afraid of the wicked things she makes him want. And terrified his broken heart will scare her away. This October, twenty-four of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a month filled with sexy-spooky Halloween steam. Get ready for over-the-top love stories sure to set your spine — and other parts *wink* — tingling. Brew some cider, grab your favorite blanket, and snuggle up with these hot shorts. The Halloween Steam series is sure keep you warm and cozy all autumn long.

Second chances come in threes with my brother’s best friends. This was supposed to be a solo healing trip. The plan: return to the mountains, find my way again after we lost my brother. Then move on. I had everything planned out down to how many bottles of wine it would take. What I never expected was for three irresistible alphas to bust through my door dragging the past in with them. My brother’s three best friends are home on leave, and they have ideas on how they want to spend their furlough and their obsessive attentions are solely on me. Did I picture myself with them when I barely knew what love was? Hell, yes! What’s so bad about falling for three Marines with talented, dirty mouths and hard bodies? They left my heart shattered beyond repair once already. I can’t fall for them. Not again. But their claiming kisses and possessive caresses have me second-guessing my bachelorette status and wondering what letting three men worship me forever could do for a wounded heart.

Focusing on my future is getting harder and harder with the campus bad boy wanting all of me. He’s not just bad either. There’s a darkness in him I don’t want in my life. Yet, I’m drawn to him like a moth to the flame. Messy black hair. Piercing green eyes. Sinfully sexy with rockstar appeal. He’s the poster child for hot, broken, and rich. Stay away ladies. This bastard is the most notorious student on campus. His rich, ivy league heritage has everyone pre-judging him. And maybe they should. But, as always with the worst guy in the room, there’s more to him than meets the eye. I have plans for a big future, and they don’t include him. He’s got other ideas though… Wicked, wicked plans.

He knows what he wants… Dixon Rothchild once led soldiers on the front lines. Now he’s living the high life in the room over his parents’ garage while tinkering with motors day and night. What he craves is a brotherhood. Then one night he lends a hand to the tough and savvy bar owner by cleaning some riff-raff off her barstools…and in that moment realizes there’s something to fight for right here in his hometown. So the Dark Falcons Motorcycle Club is born. There’s no stopping this attraction… Fiona’s taken men like Dixon Rothchild for a test drive before, and the last thing she wants—or needs—is another overly muscled gearhead who likes to show off by using his fists. He’s also the type she falls for…every…damn…time.

Ronan Mills numbs the pain of losing Fianna with fighting, booze and random hook-ups. Even though he’s sick and tired of his lifestyle, it’s all he knows now. During a near fatal accident, Fianna’s stunning face flashes before his eyes. He can’t go on like this and Ronan is finally ready to catch the one that got away. Fianna Ryan is fed up with kissing frogs and having nothing to show for it. She hates to admit that deep down inside she knows that no one compares to him. Ronan Mills. MMA fighter champion. The love of her life. But she would sooner poke herself in the eye and eat a mysterious crumb stuck between public transport seats than ever take back the man that ripped out her heart and stomped on it. No matter how hard he tries…

This collection contains the last three novellas in the Vegas, Baby series plus three brand new epilogues. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas lasts forever.

Show Me, Baby: The moment magician Julian Storm saw Anna Chapel standing at the back of the theater during one of his rehearsals, he knew she was meant to be his. After spending a long month trying to hunt her down while she ran in the opposite direction, Julian resorted to kidnapping her off his stage during a disappearing act. Anna had zero interest in celebrities…until she met Julian. The sexy magician refused to let her ignore the chemistry between them, and he was determined to show her that fame meant nothing compared to her love.

Kiss Me, Baby: Amelia Flores was in Vegas for a bachelorette party when the bride dared her to kiss a stranger. The shy food blogger didn’t plan to follow through with her cousin’s challenge until she spotted Zack Parker. They’d never met before, but the attraction she felt toward him was explosive. It wasn’t every day a woman strolled up and gave Zack the best kiss of his life, but life as a single dad had taught the billionaire to recognize life’s bounties. It took a single touch of her lips for him to realize the mysterious beauty was meant to be his. Now he was going to pull out all the stops to make her his wife. ( Read full blurb on Amazon)

havoc /ˈhavək/ verb ARCHAIC – 1. lay waste to; devastate.

He sent me away to be killed. But I outsmarted him, and now his allies are mine. It’s time to claim my rightful place as head of the crime family.  But his closest associates stand in my way.  Try and take it from me… We’ll see who’s still standing at the end.  

How can you stay away from the one you can’t resist? Shayla Winters survives her first frat party…barely. She is introduced to the irresistible lacrosse player Jace Connor, but soon finds herself breaking up a fight between him and football star Owen Ward with strength she never knew she possessed. Then the mysterious Dex Jagger appears. His announcement that he’s a supernatural hunter, and that she is fae—and in danger—turns her world upside down. Shayla is thrown into a world of vampires and werewolves, all of whom want the light she possesses inside. Jace can’t resist Shayla. He tells her his deepest, darkest secret—he’s a werewolf. He vows to fight alongside her and destroy the vampires who want to capture her for their own personal gain—especially Owen Ward. Will Shayla and Jace survive the darkness, or be swallowed up by moonlight? 

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