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This mountain man is about to show this mother-to-be how a real man claims his soulmate. Mountain man and former Navy SEAL Mac Becker was the perfect steamy one-night stand. I mean Lover’s Cove had no problem living up to its name when the Marine rolled in for a little fun between the sheets. No numbers, no strings. And it all worked perfectly. Until the doctor threw the words surprise baby into the mix. Life in foster care taught me trusting strangers was a bad idea, but when I find out my one-time fling left me with a surprise, I have no choice but to hunt down my baby’s father. But can I trust the mountain man with my news? With my body, no doubt, but when I hand him my heart and soul for safe keeping will he trample over it or claim me and keep me safe for forever?

Smashed pumpkins, flying axes, gunshots, and hormonal teenagers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to falling in love in the town of White Bark. Ruby Hawthorne’s life revolves around three things. Her family, her pumpkin farm, and her morning coffee at Sharlene’s. Until one day a handsome newcomer sends her a dimpled smile from the other end of the counter and her daily pumpkin spice gets a little spicier. She can’t stop thinking about strong flannel-covered arms and dark bedroom eyes, and how nice it’d be to have those arms warm her up on a cold fall night. When a prank on her farm by a group of local boys sends her searching for the culprits, she comes face-to-face with the last person she expects and turns her carefully structured life upside down. After retiring from pro football to focus on raising his teenage son, Derek Burke is ready to slow down and settle into a new life in White Bark, Arizona. After being on the road for so long, the stability of a small-town is exactly what him and his son need. Until a beautiful red head catches his eye. He can’t stop thinking about her, and when their paths finally cross, he’s not prepared for the tornado that is Ruby Hawthorne, or how fast his heart decides it belongs to her.

After spending five centuries searching for his destined consort, Braeden Bancroft stumbled across her at his cousin’s birthday party. He couldn’t wait to start their lives together. Callidora Yellen wasn’t ready for her fate. She had goals she wanted to accomplish before settling down with an adoring, but overprotective, daywalker. Can Braeden convince Callie that her dreams are safe with him?

Escape into three stories of dangerous secrets and forbidden love with not only witches, but vampires, shifters, werewolves, and more. Perfect for Halloween!

Combust: After being bitten by a vampire, Nike’s thirst for blood is growing. Her best friend is marrying into a family of Salem witches, and Nike has to make a choice. Is it safer to choose the darkness?

Ignite: Witch Elise tracks down a gargoyle shifter to inform him of the news. He’s a father. He’d conceived a child with the witch who’d cursed him—Elise’s sister. She must ignore her forbidden attraction to this sexy shifter. But when she needs his help to protect her niece and his daughter, desire might be too difficult to resist…

Torch: A gargoyle in need of a mission. A werewolf in search of a cure. Rachel is seeking an elixir from a witch when she meets a gargoyle shifter, a lost soul like herself. The attraction is strong, but she is cursed by an affliction that makes her too dangerous–even for a shifter who turns to stone…

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