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He is cold. Both his personality and his skin. When his icy gaze lands on me it freezes me temporarily, but the first time he touches me… Sparks fly. Not the romantic kind. The tattoos on his pale skin illuminate and they are brighter than the Northern Lights. Then something in his eyes changes, making him less callous, less cold. And making me hot. He says he needs me for something important, something monumental, but I’m not easily swayed. Even if he’s gorgeous and I do need his help. I guess we’ll see if I can melt his heart before he chills me to the point of no return.

The last thing security specialist Sera Russo wanted was another ego-driven super star athlete for a client. They had a habit of being a pain in the butt. Sometimes literally. Rowan Charles was widely believed to be the best quarterback to have ever played the game. The person who called themselves his biggest fan in a series of disturbing notes definitely agreed. And they’re pissed Rowan has decided to leave the game. Sera’s job was to keep Rowan safe, and pretending to be his girlfriend was the easiest way to do it. But when their feelings for each other quickly turned real, Rowan has a new goal in mind…to claim his guardian angel forever. Body Heat was previously released in the Team Player 2 anthology but now features a bonus epilogue.

Halo or horns? Humans look at Camiel and think that he’s an angel… until his black wings unfurl and it’s all, “Oh, no! Demon!” Yeah. Not quite. Cam is an Othersider. Which, okay, just means that he’ll eventually be one of the two… just not yet. Formally known as the Fallen, Othersiders walk—and, yes, also fly—among the humans, knowing that their every step, their every move, their every thought adds to their tally. If he’s good, he’ll finally earn his halo. If he’s bad… He’s working damn hard to resist any urges to be bad. It’s a good thing he has his auditor at his side. Dina might look like a neighborhood stray, but it’s the cat’s job to help Cam get the points he needs to go from Fallen to Angel. And it’s working… until Cam meets Avery. Avery is human, she’s in trouble, and Cam decides that she needs her very own guardian angel. If he can help her save her sister from the feral shifter that ran off with her, then maybe he’ll finally prove that he’s a good guy. If only it was that easy. Because Othersiders? There’s a reason why they’re stuck on Earth, working hard to prove where they belong: they’re cursed. So when it comes to falling in love? There’s one rule. Don’t. Now Cam is losing his feathers at an alarming rate. In the middle of his mission, Dina disappears. Avery is a temptation he can’t ignore, and when he doesn’t, that’s when all hell breaks loose. Literally.

How far would you go for love? An Army officer visits a mysterious antique shop and is given a hope chest containing love letters written more than fifty years prior by a nurse in Vietnam. Mike Falco is a young Army lieutenant and 1960s aficionado. When Mike visits the new antique shop in town, the eccentric proprietors insist that he’s the rightful owner of an old dust-covered hope chest. Reluctantly, he accepts the piece, despite the caveat that, “Once you touch what’s inside this chest, it will touch you back.” He quickly discovers that the sole contents are love letters written in 1969 by a twenty-two-year-old Army nurse serving in Vietnam. As Mike reads the letters, he finds himself deeply moved by them. And by the young woman who’d penned them more than a half-century before. He sets out on a quest to track her down, hoping she’s still alive so he can return them. But what he discovers when he finally unlocks the Secret of the Letters From 1969 propels him on an odyssey that spans not only continents,but across Time itself. It’s a journey fraught with risk and danger. But Mike’s willing to go as far as necessary for love, even if that means finding his future in the past. So, put on your bell-bottoms, tie-dye, and love beads because Letters From 1969 will take you back to the Age of Aquarius, to the music, the culture, and the events that embodied that tumultuous time. And to all the joy—and heartache—that shaped both a nation and a generation. 

A heartbroken surgeon. A cocky carpenter thirteen years her junior. Can their perfect fling turn into the real thing? After suffering a devastating loss, transplant surgeon Harlow James hits the open the road and ends up in Taos, New Mexico hoping to find out where she went wrong. Instead, she finds the perfect man. There’s only one problem: he’s too young. But even as master woodworker Dax Drexel is the perfect temporary distraction to her problems, can their fling survive the scrutiny of her profession, their friends, and his own family?

My comfort zone owns me. It consumes me. It’s marked me. Ridiculous demands that only I understand. I can’t step outside. And when I do, there are rules for every step, every breath, every second. I’ve never kissed a man. I’ve never had the chance. I live in the dark corners of my mind with only the men from the books I read to keep me company. Until Finn. A friend of a friend. He’s a tattoo artist, and he’s gorgeous. We make an agreement. He’s the teacher. I’m the student. It’s pretend for him. But for me—one touch and I’m his.

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