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Daniella has only ever known one person she could rely on: herself. But when she meets The Novaks, everything changes. They become her closest friends, colleagues, and an integral part of her life. But The Novaks hold deadly secrets, and the night Daniella is attacked, she learns them all. Gregori Novak is the leader of the largest vampire circle in the United States, and the moment he met Daniella, he knew he’d found his mate. But the ongoing vampire war forces him to keep his distance from the person he wants most. Greg thought the lies and secrets would keep her safe, but he was wrong. Now the enemy knows her identity, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them both. In a world where monsters are real and powers run rampant, can Daniella forgive Greg and embrace immortality as his mate, or will the lies, death, and darkness of The Otherworld be too much for her to bear?

Huntley Reed was convinced that military relationships were doomed to fail. He’d seen too many marriages go down in flames to think he could make one work. But he didn’t feel as though he was missing out until he met Cora Davis. Huntley tried to stay away from the gorgeous bank teller, but he could only stay away for so long. When Cora was taken hostage during a bank robbery, he had an epiphany—living without her wasn’t an option. The hunky Navy SEAL was going to rescue his woman and make her his.

This bossy rancher is about to be brought to his knees by an innocent beauty. Alexandra Cooper is desperate to get away from home. A four-month gig as a cook at the Circle B Ranch is exactly what she needs. Except when she gets there, it feels like she jumped out of the pan and straight into the fire. Alexandra is nothing like Colton Booth expected when he hired her. If he’d realized “Alex” was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, he never would have given her the job in the first place. But now that he has her on his ranch, he doesn’t plan to ever let Alexandra go.

I sought out the Lords for protection, never imagining I’d bring death to their doorstep. Brinley: Always chasing his next fix, my own father sold me to a hairy, no-necked troglodyte. But I refused to be his bargaining chip. The second I stole the trog’s money and pickup to escape, I knew I was painting a target on my back. He’ll hunt me down. There are things worse than death and he’ll make sure I suffer through every one of them… if he can find me. Armed with the last known address of my sister, I’m heading to Thornbriar, Kentucky. If she’s still living with the Brimstone Lords MC, they may be my only shot to survive. Hero: I don’t do attachments. But, certain forces of nature can’t be ignored. Hurricane Brinley is one of them. She roared into town in a storm cloud of chaos, begging for protection. I didn’t hesitate. I’m the hero. Still, claiming her brings a crushing danger down on the club like nothing my brothers and I have fought before. I’m magnetically drawn to the curvaceous beauty, but protecting her may mean breaking my loyalty to my MC. 

Jessa Ames is shy and a bit of a klutz. Roman Thatcher is confident and athletic. They couldn’t be more different, but they’re also made for each other. This quiet beauty will learn there’s more than one way to communicate when the language is love. Body Language was previously published as part of the Passion, Vows & Babies Kindle World.

She only wants to play the game, but it’s not easy keeping it a secret from her father. Victoria Hudson is a seventeen-year-old with a passion for baseball. When her grandmother buys a new house in the city, Vic discovers a way to play the game for the first time since getting kicked out of little league. She just has to move in with her hippie grandmother and make sure her father, a U.S. Senator and prospective Presidential candidate, doesn’t find out what she’s up to over the summer break. After proving her abilities on the field, she catches the attention of Daniel Cho, the team’s catcher. Everything seems to be falling apart, and yet falling into place. Vic settles into a life she’s always wanted, that of a normal teenage girl. But Victoria Hudson is anything but normal. Once the press learns that the potential First Daughter is crossing the gender line to play baseball, Vic is thrust back into the spotlight and making headlines. The life she tries so hard to get away from simply won’t leave her alone.

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