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Christmas With Her Two Masters
Charlotte is looking forward to a Christmas holiday break with her Master and her Lover.
But when there is a turn in the weather, will the Threesome enjoy the time as they expected?
A Christmas Short Story of BDSM, Ménage, Erotic Romance

Eden Riley is a psychic consultant for the police, even though her abilities have never been her most reliable skill. On her most recent case, her paranormal powers are about to get her into some serious trouble.
After a serial killer is gunned down in front of her, Eden realizes that she’s quite literally no longer alone. A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak. He’s a demon—but not it a bad way. Now he’s been bound to Eden by chance of fate. By day he can take very appealing form, but by night he needs Eden—for her body.
When Darrak promises he can coach her on getting the life—and the man—of her dreams if she doesn’t call 1-800-EXORCIST, can Eden learn to live with this sexy demon?

Justin has a craving, a deep-seated want. Hannah is desperate for security. Can the Diamond Bridal Agency satisfy both the wants and the needs?
Justin Scarborough just wants to be accepted. He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and now that he has the money to fit in, the society just won’t accept him. What he needs in an in. Can a mail order bride be his solution?
Hannah Rockfort grew among the elite, but after a catastrophe leaves her destitute, she has nothing to offer but herself. With no skills and less of value, she turns to Diamond Bridal Agency for help.
When neither gets exactly what they’re expecting, can they figured it out and make it work or will their differences rip them apart?

Nobody will touch what belongs to us, including the women we claim.
Brutal. Fierce. Relentless.
Everything I do I do for my family name.
Now they’re giving me another task—take the bride my father chooses for me. They call it business. I call it revenge. Only one empire with mafia ties can rule.
I’ll use her as a pawn. Break her down. She’s already damaged from the life she’s led. But then something happens.
She rises from the ashes…and learns how to break me too.

She was supposed to be just a job. A paycheck. Now she’s his destiny.
Talia hadn’t planned on dying today. But accidentally defying the Supernatural Council isn’t exactly a wise life plan. When she did her duty and touched a bloody knife to determine guilt or innocence, her vision seemed…off. So was Councilman Gideon’s rush to declare a shivering child guilty of murder.
Now Talia’s trying to lose herself in the West Virginia mountains with the child in tow. And the mercenary on their tail has an uncanny ability to find them, no matter how far they run.
Kirin’s dragon-shifter senses make him the most sought-after bounty hunter in these parts. But something about this job smells…wrong. And when he finally gets his hands on the fugitive, he gets the surprise of his nearly three-hundred-year life. The fragile, determined woman in his arms is the mate he’d given up all hope of finding.
Now instead of breathing down her neck, he’s bound to protect her at all costs. But if they can’t figure out who wants this child dead—and why—they could all wind up sharing the same grave.

Sometimes you have to bend the rules to get what you want.
Piper Adams has one month to find a husband, and get a green card, or be kicked out of the country just when her chain of food trucks selling Australian style pies is about to start making some serious money.
Aaron is an ambitious lawyer keen to make partner but his Boston law firm only promotes lawyers who are married.
A marriage of convenience could solve both their problems if they keep it strictly business but convincing everyone else that this is true love while trying to convince themselves that it isn’t is a sure recipe for trouble. All the kissing and touching sets the heat rising faster than the pies in Piper’s kitchen.

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