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I’m a bride he doesn’t want to claim. And I will do anything in my power to keep it that way. They call me Gabriel’s girl, but say it to my face and I will cut your heart out. The Rossis are ruthless. They will crush anyone in their path to the top. That happens to be me. But joke’s on them—I’m far from whole and have nothing to lose. Some say that makes me dangerous too. I won’t be a pawn or a plaything. Unfortunately, my heart didn’t get the memo.

Angelica Rose’s mom always told her that desperate times called for desperate measures. Walking into a strip club and asking for an audition certainly qualifies as desperate, but when her mom’s battle with cancer ends months before Angelica is due to start college, she doesn’t feel like she has much choice. The moment Morgan Cadwell sees her on his stage, he knows she’s the one woman who could make him break all the rules. There’s no way he’s going to let Angelica dance for other men, so he hires her as his live-in personal assistant instead. Morgan’s offer lets Angelica keep her clothes on…but little does she know that, in the end, he’ll make her bare her soul instead.

Loving a Lord ain’t easy… what it is, is deadly. I’m a brother of the Lords and now single dad in way over my head. She’s the only woman I ever loved—the only woman to ever break my heart. But I don’t want revenge, I want forever. Scotch: I don’t love ’em and leave ’em, I bang ’em and forget ’em. It’s been that way since she broke my heart, only now it’s come back to bite me in the arse. One night of fun too many has left me in a position I never thought possible, a single dad of two wee lassies and the only one willing to help is the one woman I tried and failed to bang out of my system. Now, after our tentative truce shatters, war with the Horde threatens to take all three of ’em away from me. I’ll do anything to save ’em, but if I go down, I’m taking bloody Horde with me. Frankie: Imagine my heartache when the man I once thought I’d have babies with walks into my daycare with two baby girls and no mother in sight. He’s different than the man I fell in love with, in some good ways and some sort of scary. But those girls snagged me in from the beginning and with the girls comes their father. They’re the family I always wanted and he’s the man I wanted them with. If only we can stay alive long enough to enjoy it.

Dating a coworker is never a good idea. But…maybe this once, she could make an exception? Chief Product Officer Selah Burton is great at her job. Still, she never expected her boss to ask her to help a friend with his product launch. She didn’t think she’d be attracted to the handsome tech billionaire, either. Yet…here she is… Kieran O’Neal finds Selah attractive, but he had no idea his friend would rope her into a project to give him an opportunity to get to know her. The ruse is not a good idea. But putting an end to it…well, that’s harder to do than he imagined… When the truth is spilled, can Kieran convince Selah to take a shot at love with him for real—or will his deception chase her away for good?

Three clues. Two unsolved murders. One second chance at love. Still traumatized after the drowning of her best friend ten years ago, Lara Mattson reluctantly returns to the sleepy river town of Raven Falls, Pennsylvania. Her objective is to bury her father, settle his estate, then return to Los Angeles. And never look back. Not even bumping into Zach Buchanan, her ex-high-school-sweetheart turned successful defense attorney, can ruin her plan. Until they stumble across a murdered neighbor. With Lara’s father the number one suspect and the estate tied up in the investigation, she’s stuck in Raven Falls. But when evidence surfaces linking the murder to her best friend’s alleged drowning, nothing and no one can stop Lara from uncovering the truth and finding the real killer. Not the uncooperative detective assigned to the case. Not the shadowy murderer stalking her. And certainly not Zach and her not-so-dead feelings for him. After all, what’s a broken heart if it means avenging her best friend and clearing her father’s name?

They call her the Ice Queen…but he’s determined to thaw her. Bodyguard Mathias Trace is more comfortable on the back of a horse than guarding people. But when his next job involves a brainy woman on a hunt for treasure, he’s as frustrated as he is turned on. Her pretty, delicate features and tight curves might threaten to give him whiplash, but her chilly disposition is enough to freeze any man in his tracks. All Madeline asks for is a smart, savvy bodyguard. What she gets is a man who walks with a permanent swagger and only takes the name of his horse seriously. But she must be the first one to locate a rare artifact at the heart of an ancient conspiracy theory, and she needs his help instead of his thunderous looks…though they might actually be starting to turn her on. Searching for an artifact believed to bring two soulmates together is dangerous work, but so are the barriers dissolving between them. As those walls crash down, their hearts are exposed, which means the woman known as the Ice Queen is sure to walk. Not that Mathias will let her get far…

It was the only life he knew… until it wasn’t. It’s been a year since a Humvee accident changed Navy SEAL Trevor Hawthorne’s life forever, the adrenaline rush that was the only life he knew now gone. In its place is a life where he’ll have to constantly prove to everyone that he’s as good as, if not better than the man he was before. For Taos native Claudia Romero, life is about graduating from a demanding Physical Therapy program so she can show people back home that she’s more than the girl who made a very public mistake so long ago. And with one more internship in Virginia Beach to complete, she’s almost there. But when she runs into the man she had a one-night-stand with a year and a half earlier, there’s no denying that the attraction they felt that night is still there, stronger than ever. But what happens when she learns he’s no longer the same man he used to be? And with a job waiting for her in Taos as soon as she graduates, can she find room in her life for love?

What’s the saying? When it rains, it pours… And what’s that other one? Life begins at forty… Ha! With my best years and a broken marriage behind me, getting caught in a torrential downpour felt like just another day in ‘Billie’s Hopeless Middle-Aged Life’. But when I slipped into a nearby bar, things went from bad to worse then, unexpectedly interesting. As a nerdy, insecure single mom, my first thoughts were that I had no business drinking alone in the middle of the day. I thought I wasn’t that hopeless… yet. But then I spotted my soon-to-be-ex husband, Logan, canoodling with the younger woman he’d left me for and promptly ordered the biggest and strongest drink they had. Which was when things got… interesting. No sooner had I started drowning my sorrows when a stunning younger man sat at my table and suggested a little dare—a very tempting dare that I knew would give me the chance to hit back at my cheating ex, while also discovering the one thing I’d truly lost over the years… me.

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