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Can the Bad Girl be Tamed? Nellie Robinson’s sharp tongue and scheming ways have done more harm to the debutantes in Fort Worth, Texas, than even the newspaper’s scandal-loving social columnist. But when Prince Randolph Schmidt comes to town, she is determined to become his princess. But not everything is as it seems. Pinkerton agent Daniel McClintock is no Prince Charming, but neither is shyster Randolph Schmidt who cons women into believing he will take them to his kingdom to be his queen. Looks like he’s found his next mark—Nellie Robinson. When Schmidt leaves town with her trust fund, Daniel goes after him. When Nellie becomes a one-woman posse determined to get revenge and her money back, she finds herself in danger as she tangles with a man who wants her heart and one who wants her dead.

In desperation I fell for their lies. Now I have to find a way out before I end up dead… Or worse, mated to them. I was promised a home, and a life I’d always hoped for. Instead, all I found were lies and deception… and all I ended up with were fated mates I want nothing to do with. They tell me they’re sorry. They didn’t mean for this to happen. It’s going to take a lot more than a few apologies and a mating bond to make me believe them again. Not when they’re sworn to serve the cruelest leader of them all… and the man who’s most intent on bringing me to my knees, whether I like it or not.

When Serena Rodriquez was nine, her father abandoned the family and married another. Loved had always escaped her. She’d found mates for others, but she never thought love was in the cards for her. Until he came. A dragon from outer space shows up in her Tarot Shop and claims her as his fated mate. He sprays her with a knock gas, and later, she wakes up on a space ship. Now… what?

Even the darkness craves the light… Evil lurks in the shadows. I’ve escaped the demon that attempted to steal my soul but he’s only the first of many. My new Guardian says he’s been sent for my protection. I don’t understand. I’m nobody special. But he’s not giving up. Neither are the demons. To top it off, I’ve just learned I’m a descendant of angels! Magical light? Mystical powers? It’s supposed to be fantasy just like portal jumping. Crossing one is impossible… until now. When I start having visions and prophetic dreams, things just become more complicated. And the world across the portal? It’s nothing like home. Mythic beasts and jousting tournaments, hidden enemies and betrayal all seem to lead to the same path. Three heroes emerge as my protectors but who can I trust? I’ll have to choose fast because my life isn’t the only one in danger and if I’m not careful, we’re all going to die.

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