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Dear Letter Girl, I need to see you. When can we meet? Her response never came. My secret pen pal with a dirty mind has ghosted me. I’ve roped Jules, my sweet as pie next door neighbor, to help me track her down. There’s only one problem–I’m falling for her. The tortoise shell glasses, out of this world curves and delicious treats are making the search for The Letter Girl even harder. My notes were supposed to be a one time thing. A little too much wine and naughty thoughts on a winter’s night. I never thought Berk would write back. I wanted to tell him it was me, but the fear of rejection kept my lips sealed. Now he’s enlisted my help to track down The Letter Girl and our search has him hot on my, ahem, her trail. She’s the girl next door. He’s my secret pen pal. Truth is on a collision course with their hearts and it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets wrecked…

A former FBI K9 handler, his childhood best friend who’s now a state senator, and a series of bombs threatening to tear the state capital apart. Amanda Winslow aspires to change the world through politics. She spent the past sixteen years working her way up to the position of state senator, no easy task for a low-income, born and bred, Texan girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Encouraging her along the way is her best friend, Jesse Dixon, who spent years traveling all over the country, first with the FBI, and then with the elite Disaster City Search and Rescue team, combating domestic terrorism. Since he’s been back in Texas, they get together whenever they can, taking turns driving the three hours between them. Amanda sometimes wonders if there could be more than simple friendship, but she knows neither of them have time for romance with their careers taking priority. Jesse Dixon spent eight years learning everything there was to know about terrorists’ tactics from the FBI. The only one that knows more about their mode of operations is his K9 partner, Liberty. Three years ago, Jesse was offered the coveted instructor position in the Urban Rescue division specializing in terrorist attacks at DCSRA. The best part about moving back to Texas, he got to be near his best friend, Amanda, again. What neither of them expected is for her to be at the center of the largest terrorist threat in all of Texas history. With Amanda’s life on the line, Jesse realizes he will do whatever he has to keep her safe. Will Amanda be able to survive the terrorists’ threats? Will Jesse be able to find all the bombs before they go off? And despite all the danger around them, will they finally realize that best friends make the best partners and give each other a real chance at love? 

Four rough hands, three wounded hearts, and two ways a shared love between three friends can end. Even demons can love an angel. Right? When my brother’s two best friends return from deployment their scars are more than skin deep. And their demons run wild when night falls. The hell in their eyes lures my protective nature to the surface. If they’ll only let me help. Caring for friends is one thing, but when my desire to help turns into burning lust we’re all caught in a fiery hell with only one way out. Through the flaming storm. And I know I’ll get burned. But is the pain worth it? I can only hope.

The discovery of a doorway to another world is earth-shattering, especially to Vanessa a spunky archeologist chosen as part of the first team to go through and study the other side. Through the door and out into a world that supports human life…humans with wings and a longer than average lifespan. Romance is the furthest thing from her mind but she didn’t expect TalonStar the dark angel who falls in love with her. They will face her haunted past and the politics of two worlds that are against their love. Will they be able to push past everything to make it work?

An old flame and a strong-willed cowgirl have their sights on one man—Wyoming. Sex therapist Wyoming is a betting man, but even he wouldn’t lay money on these odds. Running into his old lover one time is coincidence. Twice is bad luck. But five times? Fate is gunning for him—and it’s brought the hot man who haunts Wyoming’s dreams…and a high-spirited cowgirl to further tempt him. Sportscaster Rome Ramiro lives the celebrity existence of sports events and parties, and his new relationship with the caring and stunning rancher’s daughter Cecily is scorching. But when he keeps crossing paths with Wyoming, the cowboy stud from the sex ranch Rome used to frequent, he realizes something is missing in his life. Cecily isn’t sure what’s stopping her from saying yes to Rome’s marriage proposal. Until he unexpectedly meets Wyoming, and she sees he isn’t complete without the cowboy. Rome and Cecily set their sights on the same man, but with three hearts on the line, there’s a lot more at stake. One thing’s for sure, though—it’s bound to be a wild ride on the way. 

Meet me under the mistletoe…

In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anything can happen through the magic of Christmas—and love.

A full list of participating authors can be found on retailer websites.

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