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She’s hunting for where she came from. He’s running from where he’s been. Ireland, 1307. Blessed with an angel’s voice, Maura escapes from the convent she grew up in, determined to join a roving band of traveling players. They’ll be her protection on the rough Irish roads while she searches for the parents who abandoned her at birth. But once face-to-face with the seductive, sinfully handsome vagabond who rules the troupe, Maura wonders if she wouldn’t be safer traveling alone….

I crave him. But I have to leave him in six months. Six months. That’s all the time I have as a liaison from the Department of Education at Mount Laguna College. Six measly months. Why did I have to meet campus officer Mateo Rivera now? When I have to leave him in six months? But I don’t care. He’s intense, powerful, handsome, and into me. If I can have fun with him for a little while, I’ll take all I can get. Until everything we share is threatened. Peyton is like an angel from a dream. I’ve never encountered anyone like her. But I only have a few months with her? What kind of cruel joke is that? I’ll take advantage of every minute with her, get as much of her as I can, and hope it’s enough to last a lifetime. Until a stupid campus prank goes too far… And our lifetimes might not be as long as we thought.

Desiring her was his first mistake. Falling for her was his second. When a simple misunderstanding ruins a potential one-night hook up, Raven Gataki vows to pretend it never happened. It’s probably for the best considering they met through her bestie. Ignore the temptation and avoid any complications… that’s the plan. Except… she can’t stop thinking about him. And the temptation is consuming her. Fast forward a few miserable weeks when her latest frenemy crush shows up at her OBGYN appointment – wearing scrubs. Awkward… Raven is a self declared bachelorette and thrives on no-strings hookups. She has no interest in settling down until she’s accomplished her business goals of owning her own childcare center. Dr. Sean Mathers oozes success. He’s the youngest surgeon in his field and has been crowned Bachelor of the Year more than once. Raven is everything he has spent his life trying to avoid. Their love to hate relationship begins with a fake date, and is fueled by their intense chemistry. Not to mention that one-time-only moment they shared between the sheets. Okay, it was more than once but… Can two people who believe they’re incapable of love, flick the switch and open their hearts to what’s right in front of them, before it’s too late? Or will one moment of hesitation risk everything?

Jareth Bancroft doubted he’d be one of the daywalkers who was lucky enough to find his destined consort. More than five hundred years of searching had yielded nothing. But one touch proved him wrong in the very best way. Narkissa Anders thought vampires were make-believe…until she stumbled upon a nest of them and barely escaped with her life. She would’ve been happy to forget what she’d learned, except she was fated to spend the rest of her life with one.

He’ll make the perfect fake boyfriend… Desperate for a buffer between herself and her ex, Kendra asks Marcus—her best friend since high school and frontman of Cataclysm, the hottest alt-rock band on the radio—to pretend to be her boyfriend at her parents’ anniversary party. Marcus has always told Kendra he’d do anything for her, and this request is no different. He’s happy to help his best friend. But between the forced proximity and paparazzi coverage, what started as fake soon becomes all too real. When Kendra’s weaselly ex tries to call her bluff, will he still manage to ruin everything?

Being a tattoo artist at Rugged Ink is no bad job. The women come in floods. Wanting and needing my hands on them – and not only for their ink – you can bet that I snatch up every opportunity that passes my way. That is, until a beautifully wicked angel stepped into the shop and stole the breath from my lungs. I knew this one was different. Ranger Dennison was wicked talented, funny, and loyal all in one beautiful package. We flirt, we laugh, and we joke. So instead of jumping in d*ck first, we built up a friendship that sometimes blurred the lines.Now, I’m ready to show my hand and see where is takes me; us. Let’s hope when I cross that line it doesn’t backfire and leave her tattooed on my heart but not in my life.

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