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She put more than her nose where it didn’t belong. Now he’ll make her pay for it with her whole body… Beth Kimberley is dripping wet. Going nowhere fast working a dead-end job at a hotel, the poor maid runs hot and sweaty when the air conditioner goes out in the middle of her shift. So stripping down to shower in the unoccupied penthouse suite feels like bliss… especially when the powerful male guest returns to catch her naked, and she can’t help but submit to his desires. Richard Haswell enjoys taking control. Frustrated that his substantial wealth only attracts gold-diggers, the hotel owner imposes firm restrictions in his intimate relationships. So when he finds the gorgeous redhead salaciously soaping in his bathroom, he knows just what to do for punishment. Offered extravagance and a future in her boss’s company in exchange for being at his beck and call, Beth puts her growing feelings to one side as she revels in complete submission. But when Richard’s former lover shows up demanding satisfaction, the wealthy master fears his carefully constructed barriers are all about to come crashing down. Will they break their no-strings-attached bonds and let scorching desire run free?

After suffering a huge loss, eighteen-year-old Savanah Parry hopes Chastity Falls Academy will be the fresh start she so desperately needs. But whispers of corruption and gangs, turf wars and murder, overshadow Ana’s new life as a freshman. Especially when she catches the eye of the captain of The Fallen football team for all the wrong reasons. Determined to keep her head down and survive, Ana swears off guys. Until she meets the gorgeous, yet mysterious, Jackson. He sees past her walls, her pain and secrets, and slowly, Ana finds herself unable to fight their undeniable connection. But Jackson harbors a dark secret too… One that might destroy her.

One hundred grand to babysit a hockey player on an island paradise–seriously, how bad could he be? I’m not expected to talk to Logan “Phoenix” Taylor. I only have to hang out with him in a luxurious villa on a private beach while I study. Simple, right? The money would make my dreams of going to nursing school possible. I haven’t counted on Logan being so deliciously bad – he is oh so good. When the temperature cranks to a boiling point, he knows just how to satisfy the deepest, darkest part of my soul and give my body exactly what it needs. We transport each other to an exquisite world of kink and pleasure where only we exist among the sand and waves, only we matter. But, the heady mix of emotions and lust can’t keep things from spiraling out of control and back to reality, where I have to keep the secret that I’ve been hired to entertain him…even if it shatters my delicate heart. Even if it costs me my destiny.

As the only living Jal’zar hybrid, I try to claim my rightful place among the people of my tribe, no matter how often our warlord calls me an abomination. Marked as a shaman, my role is to commune with Mekara, but the goddess refuses me her guidance. Until my first vision leads me to a young woman who crash-landed in the ashen plains of Solgad, her body injured. Injured and begging to be bred. Lia is in heat, tempting my baser instincts to claim her body and soul alike. Her scent provokes me like no female before, but I can’t let that distract me. I need to find out why she triggered my gifts and protect her from the dangers of Solgad, no matter how I teeter at the edge of falling into a rut.

She Auctioned her Own Virginity. The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future, but she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity. She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder.  What will happen when her ‘Buyer’ takes her away? A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

A bear who’s in over his head. A human who can’t learn the truth. And the danger that might keep them apart. – Astrid wants away. Away from her suffocating city, away from her white picket fence house, away from her cheating ex-husband. But when her car breaks down in a deserted highway miles from civilization, she’s forced to stop and look for help. Help comes in the shape of small-town Shadow Falls. Quaint houses, delicious food and kind people. It would be perfect if not for the strange happenings the town insists on hiding out of sight. Astrid wants to stay. She just needs a job, and she’ll have the time to figure these mysteries out. And a job comes when she meets handsome Kieran. – Kieran needs help. His sister just passed away, leaving a child in his care. But his clan is made up of midlife bears, all single, all unexperienced with kids. And his nephew doesn’t like the presence of strange shifters around him. A human would be great. That’s when he meets Astrid. A human who can calm his nephew down. But not any human. His mate. No matter how much his bear demands him to mate her, Kieran knows he can’t. There are rules and humans can’t learn about Shadow Falls. Besides, humans can’t be mated. It could be simple. If he hadn’t just hired her as his nanny.

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