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I need this promotion. Too bad I have to temporarily move to a small town to prove I deserve it. And, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. My car? Ends up in a ditch. A hot shower? Interrupted by a snake. Not to mention the quiet. How do people fall asleep without background noise? The only good thing about Asheville is the mechanic that comes to my rescue and offers to fix my car. He’s playful, kind, and promises he’s not looking for a relationship, which is great since I won’t be here long. He can show me everything this town has to offer, including “other activities”…with no strings attached. But how can I keep my eye on the prize when he’s looking at me like I’m his?

Four rough hands, three wounded hearts, and two ways a shared love between three friends can end. Even demons can love an angel. Right? When my brother’s two best friends return from deployment their scars are more than skin deep. And their demons run wild when night falls. The hell in their eyes lures my protective nature to the surface. If they’ll only let me help. Caring for friends is one thing, but when my desire to help turns into burning lust we’re all caught in a fiery hell with only one way out. Through the flaming storm. And I know I’ll get burned. But is the pain worth it? I can only hope.

Love can be instant. Intense. Everlasting. The love between Bailey Beckett and Nate Winters is all three. It’s eternal. It’s seductive. It’s inevitable. Each time they meet, it’s instantaneous and all-consuming. Not even William Clayton can tear them apart and over the years, he has tried—repeatedly. Their love triumphs time and time again…until now. Will William finally win the girl? Or will Bailey and Nate’s love conquer once again? For a love that transcends time, anything is possible.

Cade never thought he would lay eyes upon his high school sweetheart again. For her, the call to become a globe-trotting photographer had been greater than the allure of a life with him. When Lucille returns home for Thanksgiving, she finds herself pulled into her old life. Suddenly she must face the loneliness which has plagued her for months. And when those familiar embers begin to flame in her heart, she feels she must choose between love and her dreams once again. But can love conquer her best laid plans? Can it conquer the firestorm that threatens to separate them forever?

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