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Wallflowers and rakes do seldom mix well. Miss Chloe Larkin is completely assured of that. Especially when said rake is a member of the Waverly family—the people responsible for a feud that has been ongoing since practically the dawn of time. But he comes offering a deal… The centuries-old feud between the Larkins and the Waverlys has taken its toll. Brook Waverly wants this fight solved. Now. His ageing father cannot take much more of the stress and he’s determined the problem shall be resolved before he comes to inherit. So he needs her help… Chloe is distrustful of Mr.Waverly—and rightly so. Not only is he her lifelong enemy but he has a reputation that would make the most experienced of women blush. And boy does he make this wallflower blush! However, she has little interest in continuing the silly feud and, with her little brother set to inherit one day and her father’s failing health, the sooner it is all over, the better. Working with the handsome, and far too charming Mr.Waverly to get their fathers to come to an agreement is…interesting. Especially when he seems to be less concerned with ending the feud and more interested in her. Can she really trust him or is this just another way for his family to get their revenge on hers?

I was always told things came in threes… Everything changes for Realtor, Tiffany, with an anonymous email to her business account where the sender describes what he’d like to do to her in vivid detail. Then she meets him at a viewing – H, owner of Club S, where patrons bid for the stage. Soon the email is being lived out in the flesh. After, H asks her the question, “Have you ever had two men at once?” Tiffany leaves. With no further contact, Tiffany begins dating neighbour Brandon, but she can’t get thoughts of H and threesomes out of her mind, especially after she visits the club and sees one up close. She wonders if Brandon is going to be enough for her, until a shock encounter means she doesn’t have to wonder any more…

When I finally met the celebrity chef who catered Dad’s annual fundraiser, I was shocked that he was so gorgeous in person. Also a bit bossy… but with a heart of gold. I’d never met a guy who was interesting enough for multiple dates. Yet from the moment Matt ordered me around in the kitchen, I was inspired by his drive. Not to mention, the overwhelming lust that had appeared for the first time ever. But he was older, impossibly wealthy, and pretty famous. Oh, yeah – and a longtime friend of Dad’s. Matt treated me so sweetly that my head was spinning from our very first date. He was romantic, funny, and really listened. Until I needed him to understand that my job was important to me. Maybe I wouldn’t have to tell Dad about our relationship after all.

Abusive husband… Old love… Tested Faith… Harper: Harper was trapped in a nightmare. Every morning she woke expecting it to be her last. How could she have married a monster? The only light in her dark world is the faith that she holds close to her heart. Reid: Reid has struggled for years to forget the one woman that was everything to him. While doing rounds at the hospital, he comes face to face with her. He sees the truth to her injuries, but she quickly denies them, leaving the hospital before he can convince her to get help. Now he can’t get her out of his head. She’s in trouble and he needs to help her. To his surprise, she shows up at his front door needing his help. She risks everything to get help. When she learns more of her husband’s secrets, she knows she must leave Reid forever to keep him safe. Reid is frantic to find her before her abusive husband does. Will he be too late to save her? With not much to go on, the police extend the search, but they may not get there in time. Reid fears he’ll never see her again.

Abby: As a beautician in a small farm town, I spend my days dressing up and chatting with my posh customers. But after work is when the real fun begins. I spend my free time at my neighbor’s ranch helping out with the animals and getting my hands dirty. Still living on my parent’s property at my age wasn’t in my plans, but they won’t let me leave until I’m married. Luckily I can see the positive in my situation and am saving my money for a house anyway. When my best friend machinist from next door needs me, I meld us together. Beau is handsome, good-hearted, and fixes my heart. But should I be risking our solid friendship for a deeper relationship? Beau: Ever since my ex-fiancé ditched me before our wedding, I’ve been doing everything I can to stay busy at work and not think about it. My job as a machinist on the family ranch allows me to have time by myself without having to make small talk with anyone. But I’ll admit it can get lonely at times. Fortunately, the company I keep is good enough for me and I don’t need anyone else. When my lovely neighbor kisses me, I like the way we look together. Abby is warm, sociable, and compliments me well. But can I prove to her that our love is worth it? Will Beau and Abby’s friendship get the tune-up they need to grow into something more? Or are these two destined to stay in the “friend zone” forever?

A little white lie. A little white wedding. A pair of roommates in over their heads. Days before she’s set to move across the country and start a prestigious graduate program, a con artist leaves Emmy with no where to live and less than zero dollars in her bank account. But her day doesn’t seem quite so bad compared to Beckett’s–his fiancée called off their wedding just days before they tie the knot. Now he’s single and ineligible for his place in married student housing. So what are a girl without a home and a guy without a wife supposed to do? A quickie wedding in Vegas will solve both their problems. It’s a business arrangement, and no one even needs to know. They’ll just get an annulment in a few months. What could go wrong? Only Beckett forgot to mention his new apartment is a one-bedroom. And neither of them counted on their new friends at Middlesex University thinking they’re a great couple. The platonic newlywed game might be harder to play than Emmy thought. Especially when it starts to feel less than platonic.

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