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Love is messy. Not your typical happily ever after, these sweet and steamy romantic comedies prove just how crazy our world can be when it comes to finding Mr. Right, or maybe just Mr. Right Now. From cyber stalkers to aliens and tomatoes, you never know what might pop up on the next page. Don’t miss this limited edition collection of side-splitting, outlandish love stories that tackle the problems of the world.
With contributions by: Mandy Melanson, K.D. Croft, Amy C Beckinsale, Amabel Daniels, JA Lafrance, Jennifer Miller, Maria Vickers, Amy Richie, Maggie Adams, and Raquel Anne.

Love at first sight – that’s what grad student Sabrina feels when she spots the handsome and smart Greek archaeologist and museum curator Nikos Soulis at a reception in the Fine Arts museum. However, the Olympian-looking god of her dreams is only in town for two months to help with a special exhibit. And her rival, Maggie, won’t leave him alone. Nikos is intrigued to learn that Sabrina is interested in Greek mythology and art history. When he finds out that she’s writing a paper about the Greek vases he’s traveling with, he makes time to help her with her project, despite having a full schedule. Their attraction is so intense, that they can hardly handle being in the same room. Their chemistry is undeniable. Can Sabrina avoid heartbreak when she’s seduced by the sexy Greek scholar?

Fake isn’t fake if you fall in love for real. Saff Barnes should come with a warning label: stay away from bad boys. Threatened by the loss of her recording contract, she needs to appear her manager and stop making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Enter Tris Judd. Unassuming, clean-cut and perfect fake relationship material. Or so she thought. Seems Saff isn’t the only one with a shady past. When Saff’s past mistakes come back to haunt her, Tris is the one who steps up before the truth derails both her career and heart. All Tris wanted was the opportunity to start over and live a quiet life. So Saff’s offer for him to be her fake boyfriend comes out of left field. But she’s gorgeous, feisty, sexy-as-hell, and he’d be an idiot to turn her down. Tris has his own secrets to protect, though it turns out not as bad as those Saff’s hiding from him and her manager. Stepping in to stop Saff’s pain almost lands Tris back to where he came from. She’s worth every bruise, even the one in his heart.

Coming home is bittersweet for Adam Campbell. His mother has cancer, but for some reason doesn’t want him there. One of his brothers welcomes him home with open arms, another treats him like dirt. Then there’s Lily—the girl who left Adam at the altar twelve years ago. The girl who broke his heart. Adam left and didn’t look back after that happened, but being home stirs up all those old feelings. Secrets will be revealed, including the horrifying truth about why Lily stood him up, and that she didn’t abandon Adam. Adam abandoned her.

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