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When You Marry Two Men, What Happens Next? As Charlotte’s wedding day approaches, will her marriage to one of her Masters affect her relationship with the other? Her old enemy languishes in prison, but has he forgotten her? And as Charlotte searches for the mother she never knew, will the past return to reveal its secrets? A Tale of BDSM Ménage Romance and Suspense

Billionaire Preston Clarke conquered my bed and stole my heart. If only he hadn’t broken it and walked into the office a year later… as my new boss. I know, I know. It’s my fault for falling for a filthy rich and obscenely handsome Manhattan type. Silly of me to think Preston had something more beneath his immaculate suit than just a chiseled body. But what a body. I still wake up sweating from dreams about the night we shared. I thought knowing I’ll never experience one again was torture enough. I was wrong. Because working with him every single day is definitely worse. I hate that he thinks he can order me around or that he still thinks I belong to him. And I really hate that he stays late in the office when I try to bury myself in work to stop thinking about him. Most of all though, I hate seeing glimpses of the man I once believed he was. Hints of true passion and charm beneath Mr. Billionaire’s stone-cold demeanor. But it doesn’t matter how many evenings we spend together in the office. There is absolutely no way I’m falling for him again.

Nickie is a small town girl, content, until she discovers shape shifters exist – and she is one. A rattlesnake bite. A moment of panic. Everything changes in the blink of an eye. When a snakebite forces her to recognize her difference, Nickie struggles to understand what is happening and where she fits in a pack that’s foreign to her. People she’s known all her life are not what she thought. As Nickie struggles to adapt to the changes of her own body, she must figure out who she can trust. And who she cannot.

When America Alverson gets a bit tipsy at a conference… And her hunky rancher boss has one too many… Do two wrongs make a right? They’re about to find out.

Hi! This steamy free read is a deleted scene from Damaged Bride (An Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Romance). This piece is dark, twisty, angsty, involves a possessive jerk hero, some rope play and wax play. I hope you enjoy! She’s going to strip away some of the darkness inside me, if only for a moment.

Sometimes, a tragic ending makes for a beautiful new beginning. Andi: For ten years, I was married to my best friend. It wasn’t the most exciting of marriages, but it was safe and secure. After growing up in the foster care system, that was essential. After my husband’s sudden death, my world turns upside down as I’m left to deal with all the skeletons in his closet. Desperate for a new beginning, I find myself in small-town Tennessee, on a ranch owned by the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He instantly makes me feel things I’ve never felt before, and I find myself questioning if everything I thought I knew about love has been a lie. If I thought my world had been jolted before, this man might just be the one to shatter it. Jonas: Being a cattle rancher has always been what I love about this small-town way of life. I like the routine of it all. So when Andi, the city-slicker from California, moves into my rental, I feel the winds of change. She’s more than just a breath of fresh air. She’s a full-blown hurricane that I find myself being pulled into. Unfortunately, the storm raging inside her has her walls up around her heart. Little does she know that even though my hands might be rough, my heart is soft and ready to show her what real love feels like.

A Nanny is a sweet, short, and steamy insta-love story with a strong, curvy heroine and a smoking hot hero. It is the first in the Lumberjack Lagoon series. Poppy: As a teacher, I’m always looking for adventure during breaks in the school year. Two months spent lounging in Lumberjack Lagoon fits the bill, but with my funds running low I’ll need to find a summer job to make it happen. When a hot lumberjack hires me to nanny for his children, my lesson plans go out the window. He’s sexy, burly, and I want to swing his axe. But does he want me for more than just babysitting? Kaden: Balancing my life as a lumberjack and a single dad is a full-time gig, and it’s hectic. But when summer comes and the kids are out of school, I have to hire help. When a sexy nanny applies for the position, I need to give myself a time out. Poppy is curvy, caring, and makes me want to put the kids to bed early. But can I convince her that we could be forever?

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