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To Spencer Hurley, women only left pain and destruction in their wake. The only good thing that came from his disaster of an ex was his daughter, Annabelle. Right now, making sure Belle was taken care of and getting her the help she needed with her learning disabilities was his only focus. And if that meant moving to a new town, consider the moving truck rented and packed. Ellie Ryan spent her childhood being judged and bullied because of her learning disabilities. Jokes on them, though, she was now the top special education teacher in her district. See, Ellie totally had her life together. Kind of. Maybe… Okay, really, she’s a word-vomiting, curvy, hot-mess, who hasn’t had a date in who knows how long. And then there was Roxy, her rude overeating dog. Nevertheless, Ellie was fiercely protective of her students. She’d gladly rip out the throat of anyone that dared to mess with her kids. Including their parents. So, please explain to Ellie why, even after calling her new student’s father out during a disastrous parent-teacher meeting, Ellie couldn’t help being insanely attracted to the gruff single dad? Somebody, please help her. Besides, nothing good could come from it… right?

Jessie: Most people think of me as the town screw-up. They’re not wrong. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit. My biggest mistake of all? Letting go of the most important person in my life. Tracy was my first best friend, my first love— my first everything. After a falling out, I left her and our small town behind, never looking back. But when the big city chewed me up and spit me out, I ran home with my tail tucked between my legs. Now that I’m back, I realize just how stupid I was for letting her go. Tracy: Seven years. It’s been seven years since I’ve spoken to Jessie. Seven years since I’ve let myself think about him. To do so would be a fall into a downward spiral that I can’t allow myself to plummet into. Again. I finally have my life on track, running my own business, and taking care of the most important thing— me. That is until he blows back into town like a forbidden gust of wind that takes my breath away and reignites the sparks I’ve tried to smolder for so long. Distance was what I thought I needed to heal from the heartbreak he caused, but now that he’s back, I can’t think straight. Do I listen to my heart and give him another chance, or do I listen to my gut and run like hell to avoid another heartache?

For the first time ever the bestselling Playboy Series is available in one box set. This collection comes complete with a set of four dirty-talking heroes, and the women who bring them to their knees. Included in this boxset are bestsellers, PLAYBOY, HEARTBREAKER, STUCK, and LOVE DOCTOR. Each book in this collection is a steamy standalone that features four best friends.
PLAYBOY: Doing this photoshoot with my best friend’s little sister is about to get…hard. They call me a playboy. Sure, I like to have fun with the opposite sex, but hey, in my line of work, who wouldn’t? My name’s Jonah and I work for Bunny Hunnies, a swimsuit magazine. Calling the shots, and taking pictures of gorgeous women is every man’s fantasy, including mine. That is, until Chelsea Sincock walks onto the set of one of my shoots. I’ve known Chelsea since before she was this hot as hell vixen wearing nothing but a bikini. What is she doing here? Does her brother, Declan, know? Did I mention he’s my best friend? This is going to be hard, I mean difficult, to work with her. And the more I gaze at her from behind the lens, the more I realize I’m in way over my head. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Trick or Treat? Give me something hot to read… Halloween. A time when ghost and goblins come out to play. Let these devilish authors tempt you into a wicked good time as they take you on a journey where tricks are a given, there is always a treat in store and the teasing is hotter than you can imagine.
Featuring: Alexi Ferreira, C. J. Corbin, Claire Davon, Cynthia Diamond, Ember-Raine Winters, Jenn D. Young, Joy Eileen, Naomi Springthorp, Rayne Elizabeth, Tessa McFionn, TL Mayhew, Tonya Clark, & Victoria J. Hyla.

We said we wouldn’t fall for each other. Turns out, that was as big of a lie as the relationship everyone thinks we’re having. Jackson Holt is the new vet in town, and he’s exactly the kind of man I would want… If I wanted a man, that is. But I don’t. At least not right now. I don’t have the time or the desire to date, not while I’m trying to expand my bakery. Besides, he’s been hurt before, and claims he has no intention of letting anyone into his heart. We can be friends, and just ignore the rumours that fly about there being more to it than that. Except my friends think I’m lonely, and his boss wants him to set down roots before offering him a promotion. So why not turn our friendship into something that benefits us both, without any of the hassle of actually being in a relationship? But what happens when fake dating turns into real feelings? A real mess. And maybe, also the start of real love…

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