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Five years ago, I broke Alexis Kelley’s heart by denying her a kiss on her birthday. I broke it again the next morning when I accused her of framing me for a crime I didn’t commit against her family. When I run into Alexis the night before I’m set to start my new job as a tenure-tracked professor at my alma mater, I expect an icy reunion. Then her brown eyes meet mine with the same burning intensity as before. Only, Alexis is all grown up now, with curves and a smile to die for. I was too old for her then. That hasn’t changed, but I can’t keep my hands to myself. She’s everything my battered heart needs to be whole again. The problem? She’s taking my Natural History course. If her family finds out, my career is over, but loving her is worth the risk. Alexis found her way back to me after all this time. And I intend to keep her.

It was love at first sight. The instant Victoria Newhouse took my hand, I was a goner. I wanted her with every fiber of my being. Except she was the daughter of the team’s owner and I wasn’t allowed to want her. Her father made that very clear, and if I wanted to keep my contract with the Minnesota Raiders professional hockey team, then I’d do whatever he said. Fast forward nine years: Victoria now sees me as merely the grumpy Russian. I play well. I keep my head down. I make sure to stay out of trouble. Still, trouble seems to find me. Fate throws me and Tori together again and again. It’s getting too hard to keep my hands off of her, to stop myself from kissing her senseless. Especially when she starts to kiss me back. The sparks are still there, but with threats of the past coming back to haunt us, I know I need to keep my distance, for her sake and for my kids. I know a guy like me isn’t allowed to have what he wants. And yet I don’t want to be the strong and silent type anymore. I want Tori today, tomorrow, and always. This might be my last shot at redemption. And I’m willing to risk it all for love.

This mountain man is about to show this mother-to-be how a real man claims his soulmate. Mountain man and former Navy SEAL Mac Becker was the perfect steamy one-night stand. I mean Lover’s Cove had no problem living up to its name when the Marine rolled in for a little fun between the sheets. No numbers, no strings. And it all worked perfectly. Until the doctor threw the words surprise baby into the mix. Life in foster care taught me trusting strangers was a bad idea, but when I find out my one-time fling left me with a surprise, I have no choice but to hunt down my baby’s father. But can I trust the mountain man with my news? With my body, no doubt, but when I hand him my heart and soul for safe keeping will he trample over it or claim me and keep me safe for forever?

A shy cellist falls for a troubled rock star in this epic journey of first love. On the eve of her senior year spring break, Chrissie Parker meets Alan Manzone, and her life changes forever. He’s the ultimate rock god, a musician fresh out of rehab, tormented by his troubled past. Chrissie’s quickly consumed by Alan’s shocking pursuit of her, dark secrets, and sexual desires. Their chemistry is undeniable, but can it keep them together when everyone in his band is trying to tear them apart?

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