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I’m Elle. Broken-hearted and just another plain, ordinary girl with her feet firmly on the ground. But secretly I burn inside and out to be the woman between them. It wasn’t always like that. I left them two years ago out of fear of how I felt toward two men. Now that I have a second chance, I hope I find the courage to shed my inhibitions. Jace and Cade are my darkest secrets, my deepest desires. As pro football players who personify the perfect balance of rugged masculinity with gorgeous good looks, they could have their pick of women. But they chose me. They are built for sin with hard bodies chiseled into perfection from years on the field and willing to teach me their wicked ways. I’ve never been lust-drunk before, but they’ve stolen all my good sense. But lust and love are worlds apart. Right? Can I find my happily-ever-after with my ex-boyfriend and his best friend or are they playing me and are only in it for another touchdown?

He used to be the one who saved people. Now he’s the one they need to be saved from. Until fate sends him one last out-of-control shifter—and he’s her only hope… After years of healing other people’s pain and darkness finally drove his wolf over the edge, Brock left his job, his family and his calling behind, ending up on the fringes of the Wild Blood crew. The one who doesn’t really belong; the one whose wolf is too wild, whose heart is too numb to ever find Ms. Right—or even Ms. Right Now. Especially if she’s a shifter in trouble. Been there, done that, tried to fill the holes in their hearts until they bled him dry. He’s done. All her life, Desi Phillips has been a magnet for bad situations and men who want to trap her in them. Luckily for her, her penchant for getting into trouble is matched by her talent for getting back out of it and disappearing. That is, until her latest boyfriend turns her into a freaking out-of-control werewolf, setting ex-shifter-government agent Brock Reilly on her trail. Desi’s not like the needy, clinging women Brock’s fallen for in the past—in fact, her only goal is to get as far away from him as possible. But to keep her from getting imprisoned as a rogue, he has to chase her down and persuade her to stay with him long enough to learn to control her wolf. Could Desi’s worst betrayal turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her? And has Brock finally found a woman he can save—one who’s willing to save him back?

Bored to Death. What has she to live for? Martha is jaded with life to the point of suicide. About to end it all, she encounters a stranger who takes her on a wild ride of passion, convincing her that she has something to live for. The first part of a BDSM, Master and Slave, Erotic Romance. Explicit Adult content. For mature readers only.


The only thing more awkward than falling in love on national television, is having your heart broken in front of millions of viewers. When public school teacher Millie Kincaid signed up for the popular dating show, The Groom, falling in love was always a possibility. But then Jace proposes to someone else on the season finale, and her hurt and humiliation leave her desperate to escape the glare of Hollywood’s spotlight…until a new reality TV show provides her a shot at money that her school desperately needs. Former star of The Groom, Jace Westfall, went from fan favorite to villain overnight. Hurting the sweet and shy Millie cost him everything: his reputation, his endorsements, and his heart. It was the last thing Jace wanted to do, but he had his reasons. Now on the verge of financial ruin, Jace finds himself left with no choice but to do another reality show. Neither expected to face each other again, but both need the money. As they race from country to country, trying to put the past behind them, it quickly becomes clear they have a real shot at the million dollar prize…and a second chance at love. But only if Millie and Jace can overcome the biggest obstacle that stands in their way: each other.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you found out you were living a lie. The father you thought had died before you were born… well, he’s alive and ready for a meet and greet. What would you do? If you were me, you’d go on an epic cross-country road trip in order to learn the truth. Along the way, new friendships are formed with unlikely allies, a few enemies are made, and there’s definitely more than a little romance… but that’s to be expected, right? They do say that getting there is half the fun… Take a look inside and join our heroine as she deals with a mysterious stranger who goes undercover in a vest and bow tie, psychotic motorcycle gangs, flirty rock stars, and rowdy arm-wrestling contests.

While at her exhibition, artist Kaya meets the alluring Seven Prescott, billionaire heir to the LX Energy dynasty in Houston. The chemistry is impossible for Kaya to ignore and before she can blink Seven has her upstairs in the museum getting dirty on a table. They spend the night together and though she likes Seven, and the sex is great, Kaya lacks an emotional connection with her wealthy suitor and immediately realizes she doesn’t want things to go further. While having dinner with Seven and his parents, Kaya meets Seven’s best friend Brandon and the two fall hard for each other. Convinced Brandon is her soulmate, Kaya dumps Seven for a chance at true love not knowing it’s a decision she’ll soon regret. After failed attempts to get her back, Seven declares war on Kaya using every weapon at his disposal, including his money and power, to make her life a living hell.

A fangirl’s heart is caught between the man of her dreams…and the actor who plays him. Aria Larsen compares every guy she’s ever met with the fictional character that’s stolen her heart. When she gets the opportunity to meet the actor who plays him in real life, she can’t help but feel disappointed, especially knowing that Ayden Stone finds part of the fandom…distasteful. Her dashed expectations shouldn’t matter, but when Ayden turns out to be interested in her, Aria’s at a loss. What is she supposed to do with a living, breathing man with real flaws and real expectations of his own? Ayden’s nothing like the character she’s fallen in love with. Can Aria’s fangirl heart take a chance on someone who can actually love her back?

A fire brings Lucas and Emery together at the hotel but will her son be the thing that tears them apart? Bellhop is a curvy single mom and firefighter romance. It is the first in The Hotel at Brew by Brewer series.

Emery: Living in a small town is amazing when you’re the prom queen married to your high school sweetheart. It’s less so when he cheats on you and everyone knows the gritty details. But thankfully, I have my son and the two of us have found happiness in our new normal. When a handsome firefighter is called to the hotel I work at, flames crackle between us. Lucas is sexy, chivalrous, and I want to ignite his flame. But can I trust a man who’s married to his job?

Lucas: When the Misty Mountain fire department needs an interim chief, I’m happy to put in my time in the small town. I’ve made a career out of rescuing people, it’s easy when work is your only priority. But when my first call puts me in contact with a single mom and her adorable son, I can’t help but feel a spark. Emery is caring, sexy, and there’s a smoldering heat between us that could change everything. But can I convince her that she’s the one saving me?

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