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Vanessa is bound and determined to make a success of her new job as a manager at the famous Destiny Park. How was she supposed to know she’d walked into the workplace battle of the century? When Vanessa is thrown together with her magnetic employee Thomas for a week of on-the-ride training, her plans for success jump the track like an out-of-control train car. Thomas has a secret. In between rocking a gold miner’s hat and running a haunted house, he’s working undercover to unionize Destiny Park’s employees. But he isn’t prepared to go head-to-head with a new boss while simultaneously falling head-over-heels for her. She’s everything he wants—and everything he’s fighting against. Will love find a way, or will it all explode like the nightly fireworks?

New Zealand Romance with Spice. Sam Northcroft needs to win. Every single time. On the water, on the Olympic sailing stage, or on land. He’s got something to prove. Ellie Tennyson can’t lose. Not this time. Between teaching four year-olds and playing grown-up, her dating life is flatter than a can of soda left out overnight. She’s got something to prove. Sparks fly between broody introvert Sam and bubbly Ellie when they meet at a house party on Auckland’s North Shore, but will his past and relentless pursuit of winning threaten their future?

Dan and Bethany are High School Sweethearts. They had prom, graduation, and their 21st birthdays together. In fact, they’ve only ever had sex with each other. Some people think it’s a fairy tale romance, and Dan and Bethany do love each other. But… they’ve started to wonder if there are things they’ve missed out on by just being with each other. They need a change and are ready to try something different. But they want to do it all together. Throughout this twelve part series Dan and Bethany explore swinging, threesomes, kink, and much more. They are determined to not just experience everything, but find what makes them both truly happy. They’re open to whatever happens and fortunately it all just brings the two of them closer together!

Liam Bancroft thought he’d lost his chance at happiness more than five hundred years ago. He was positive his childhood friend was meant to be his consort and devastated when she rejected him. He learned of her death before having the chance to touch her and gave up all hope. Amaia Greene learned that vampires existed three years ago. She’s been looking forward to being claimed as a daywalker’s consort ever since. Can Amaia live with being Liam’s second choice?

Summer at the Villa Includes the prequel Only Love, Recipes from the Villa, Kissing Luca, and the full-length novels Love at Last and Love’s Home Run. Love At Last: Meet Hollywood heart throb Jamie Santino. After two box office bombs, he’s back in Napa Valley to shoot a movie that will make or break his career. The only thing he needs is baking lessons. and Sarah Dupont… After an awful break up that left her homeless and broke in San Francisco, Sarah’s finally settled into her new, small-town wine country life. She’s loving her new home at the villa where her roommates are her best friends and the landlord is the grandmother she always wanted. With a fledgling bakery in the heart of Sonoma Valley, the last thing Sarah needs is drama. So, when a notoriously sexy actor swaggers into her new business, flashing his Hollywood dimples, looking for baking lessons for his new movie role, Sarah’s blindsided. But Jamie, who’s licking his wounds from a bad breakup, is entranced by Sarah’s natural beauty and girl-next-door charm. One of the six billionaire Santino Brothers of Napa Valley Winery fame, he has a feeling Sarah might be the off-screen leading lady he’s been looking for forever. Wine flows and their passion has all the ingredients for everlasting love until a femme fatale from Jamie’s past enters the scene. How can Sarah believe Jamie isn’t acting, when everything he says sounds too good to be true? (Read full blurb on Amazon)

Arriving from America to claim the earldom he never expected to inherit, Thomas Havers finds himself responsible for not only a huge estate full of servants and tenants, but also several female relatives. A countess to help him negotiate the unfamiliar intricacies of his new position is essential and sooner, rather than later. But how is he to choose? The beautiful Lady Louisa is born and bred for the role, but Thomas finds his heart pulling him in another direction entirely. Orphaned and penniless, the best Ellen Bentley can hope for is a respectable position as a governess or companion. She has nothing to tempt any potential suitors, until the new earl takes an interest in his distant cousin and invites her to join the family in London. Encouraged to find suitors of her own by her aunt, Ellen realizes quickly that the only man she wishes to marry is Thomas, but he only has eyes for Lady Louisa. How can a parson’s daughter hope to compete with a diamond of the Ton?

Angels aren’t as pure as we think they are. I have everything going for me in life, everything is in order, except for my brother whose gambling habit is getting out of control. Imagine my surprise when he’s arrested, and the Las Vegas cop who picked him up is none other than the handsome golden boy, Officer Christopher Dominion, whom I’ve met before. But now that my brother and his associations with a criminal underground is affecting me, I need Christopher’s help. And more. I want all of him. What is it about this cop that drives me crazy? Oh, because he’s more than just a police officer. He’s an Angel in disguise. The pragmatic part of my brain can’t accept that. My body, on the other hand… What will happen to my brother, to me, to him, when the time comes to bring this criminal gambling enterprise to the ground?What will he sacrifice for a measly human like myself?

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