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I was taken by the monster in my nightmares… Ava: Broken hearts carry dark secrets, and I’m determined to put mine to rest. On a cold night, when I attempt to take my life, I’m stolen away. Abducted by a man whose sins should’ve condemned him to hell. Who sets my heart on fire with fear and desire. I don’t need a happily ever after, or to be captivated by his intoxicating, ruthless ways. I’ll run before I turn into the thing I swore I would die before becoming…His. Kieran: Broken, little birds can’t fly, and I’m determined to keep the one I found. I’ve murdered more men than the plague, but the innocent Ava doesn’t have the right to take her own life. Her light’s my salvation capable of washing away my sins. I don’t need anything else in this world but my little bird. I’ll make Ava realize she’s bound to me. Forever…Mine.

Athan Bancroft was drawn to a ring with a striking amethyst a century ago and has been wearing it all those years. He had no idea the piece of jewelry was meant for his destined consort—until he looked across a crowded ballroom straight into eyes that were a perfect match for the stone. Selene Brassard has always been fascinated by stories about vampires, but she had no idea they really existed. Or that she’d spend the rest of her very long life with one. But will what her parents think they know about the vampire world destroy what Athan and Selene are building together?

He thought the job would be easy. Until he met Spencer. Logan:She’s messy, infuriatingly optimistic, and chatters as much as the birds she loves. Spencer. My ex-military buddy’s daughter. My new assignment. My greatest temptation. For a man who loves silence and order, I can’t understand why her particular brand of chaos soothes me. There’s more beneath the surface of her bubbly exterior, however. She sparkles like glitter, through and through, but she harbors a darkness I feel down to my very soul. What secrets could she be hiding? Will I be able to figure them out before her stalker strikes again? She’s been kept in a gilded cage, waiting to live her life. Waiting for someone like Logan to show her how. Spencer: My dad has been overprotective of me since the car accident fifteen years ago. I shouldn’t complain. I have every luxury, including all the art supplies I could ever want. But there’s more to life than observing it from the windows in my tower. When I somehow attract a stalker, my father hires his old military friend to watch over me while he’s away on business. I didn’t know what to expect, but Logan definitely wasn’t it. He’s all muscles and sharp edges, but those blue eyes hold such tenderness, whether he knows it or not. I want to break down his walls and get my stoic bodyguard to smile. Just once. Will their fragile love survive the looming threats that lie ahead?

Struggling to save her family’s cotton mill, Anita needs a loan from the bank but can’t get a loan without a husband. Carson is the biggest playboy in Samsville, Texas. The man women run to and then quickly regret doing so. He can get any woman he wants, and he wants Anita, so when she pops up asking him to marry her so she can secure her loan, Carson is more than willing.


A talented photographer, a successful author, and tons of insanely hot models. The complete collection of the Sexy Series by Heather Dahlgren

Behind the Lens: Kallie Gregory has only ever wanted one thing. To take photos. She’s living her dream of being a professional photographer. She won’t let anything risk what she’s built. Jax Burke is the model everyone is requesting. He’s the total package with a muscular body, sinful good looks, and sexy tattoos. He has everything he wants, including his pick of women. When the two meet, an immediate connection is formed. The closer they get, the harder it is to ignore the attraction. Jax is willing to risk it all for a chance at love, but Kallie’s fear of jeopardizing her reputation stands in their way. Is it possible for Jax to convince Kallie to see what’s behind the lens?

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A jaded spy, a headstrong lady, and stolen enemy secrets… Charlotte Bradley had made a promise to her beloved cousin before his death. Now she must travel across Europe with the arrogant and dangerous Lord Crestwood, who treats Charlotte more like a troublesome burden than a woman. As the peril of their mission increases, so does her attraction for Crestwood. Would she make the same mistake again and lose her heart to the wrong man? Phillip Crestwood had sworn off women after a past betrayal had left scars on his heart. His duty is to the Crown and he cannot afford to be swayed. Although Charlotte’s kiss is tempting, he has sworn to keep her safe. The rugged spy knows the threat is not just from their enemies, but also from his growing desire for Charlotte. Charging into the unknown, the couple are on a race against time, and with each passing moment their chemistry intensifies. While battling villains and his own dark past, Phillip must make a choice. Will he continue to honor his duty to England, or succumb to the passion that awaits in Charlotte’s arms?

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