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Not even centuries can keep them apart. When Sara Connelly is invited to Scotland to deal with her late uncle’s estate, she hopes it’s the chance she’s been waiting for. A chance to escape the wreckage of a disastrous relationship, a chance to get answers about a family she’s never known. A chance to start over. But when she meets a strange old woman who warns that all is not as it seems, she’s attacked by a thief who seems to know more about her family than she does, and she’s saved by a gorgeous stranger who looks like he’s walked right out of a medieval movie, rather than answers Sara finds she only has more questions. Thomas MacKenzie always knew his vow to the Order of the Osprey might take him far from home. He just never suspected how far. When he chases a deadly enemy through an arch, he never expected to be thrown into the future – or into the arms of a golden-haired beauty who might hold the key to unlocking his heart. Or the key to destroying all he loves. As fate twines their lives ever tighter, Sara and Thomas find themselves embroiled in a deadly race to uncover a dark truth centuries in the making. But will they like the answers they find? Or will the truth tear their fledgling love apart?

This mountain man is about to show this mother-to-be how a real man claims his soulmate. Mountain man and former Navy SEAL Mac Becker was the perfect steamy one-night stand. I mean Lover’s Cove had no problem living up to its name when the Marine rolled in for a little fun between the sheets. No numbers, no strings. And it all worked perfectly. Until the doctor threw the words surprise baby into the mix. Life in foster care taught me trusting strangers was a bad idea, but when I find out my one-time fling left me with a surprise, I have no choice but to hunt down my baby’s father. But can I trust the mountain man with my news? With my body, no doubt, but when I hand him my heart and soul for safe keeping will he trample over it or claim me and keep me safe for forever?

Stephan Bancroft was happy for his brothers, but seeing them blissfully settled made him feel the lack of his own consort even more. Taking on extra missions for the vampire council didn’t help. Nothing would except finding the woman who was destined to be his. Bronwyn O’Brien had no idea vampires existed until she was attacked while walking home from a party. When Stephan rescued her, Bronwyn also discovered she would spend the rest of her life with the gorgeous daywalker. But will Bronwyn ever feel as though she truly belongs in Stephan’s world?

Victoria Yorx Presents: Sasha & Isaac Series Box Set, Books One – Six. Book 1: Meet the Professor, Book Two: Meet the Student, Book Three: Delicate Sasha, Book 4: Hard Isaac, Book 5: Professor Secrets, Book 6: Sasha & Isaac. Isaac is a successful man who spots Sasha, the Professor, on campus, quite by accident. Accustomed to getting what he wants, he must have her. He devises a plan to get close to her…but student-professor relationships are taboo. Sometimes tanking careers in the process. What will happen when he gets her attention? How will they hide this relationship from the other students and the university as they get closer? We know that all secrets are found out eventually… When their hot love affair is exposed for all to see, will Sasha choose her career or her love for Isaac? Is the love Sasha and Isaac have for one another strong enough to weather the storm?

When Isabel realises over the Twelve Days of Christmas that she cannot marry the man she is required to, will she follow her family’s wishes or her heart’s desires? Isabel Radcliffe knows she must marry well. As the daughter of a merchant who has risen at court, many opportunities are within her grasp – and marrying a Lord is one of them. When her father hosts nobility over the Twelve Days of Christmas, she knows she will meet the man he wishes her to marry, and begin the life that has been laid out before her. What she does not expect is for him to be quite so old or quite so unpleasant… Suddenly, the duty binding her to such a life-changing decision feels like too much of a sacrifice. And when her head and heart are turned by the dashing and daring stable lad Avery, she questions whether she can follow through with her father’s wishes. A tale of love, duty and the magic of Christmas, with a dose of Tudor drama.

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