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Most people consider Mackinac Island a paradise that harkens back to a genteel bygone era. But for Byrony Long, paradise turns into a nightmare when her half-sister Jessica is found dead near Mackinac’s Grand Hotel. Convinced Jessica was murdered, Byrony hires private investigator Tate Madison to help her find the truth. But the more secrets they uncover, the higher the danger mounts around them. With the killer poised to strike again, will Byrony or Tate be the next victim?

Kieran Bancroft has spent almost a thousand years saving humans from evil vampires. Protecting potential consorts from nightwalkers gave Kieran something to focus on other than his dwindling hope that he’d ever find the one who was meant to be his. Thana Fernsby had no idea vampires existed. Not until her aunt sprung an arranged marriage on her, and she went running into the night. Thana ended up at the door of a daywalker–the good kind of vampire that had been born instead of bitten. Kieran would help any damsel in distress. But when he touched Thana and discovered she was his destined consort, the fight became personal.

She’s the female I can’t have. If I take her, she’ll die. As Warlord of the largest tribe on Solgad, my obligations are many. With a new strain of ice fever running rampant among the freeraiders, the team of healers supplied by the Empire is a welcome relief. Until one of them arrives at Noja with her body begging to be bred, the scent of her heat a dangerous temptation. I save her from a group of rutting Jal’zar warriors, only to lock her in a room with the deadliest of them: me. I carry a terrible curse. Every female I touch dies. No matter how much I long for this woman, I can’t let my instincts put Jessica at risk. As a father, neither can I afford to open my soul to what will only end in heartbreak and loss. I am a male doomed to remain alone. Unable to afford love because no female had ever survived it. Neither will she.

No matter which path she chooses, someone will end up heartbroken. If she’s not careful, it’ll be her. Alan Mitchell and Brianna Walsh’s relationship is…complicated. It has been from day one. Now, they’ve finally come to an understanding. She’ll still be an escort, but she’ll only have one client. Alan. The new arrangement was supposed to simplify everything. But it didn’t. Because Alan wants more from her than she’s ready to give—especially since she still has a boyfriend who is not-so-patiently waiting for her time as the billionaire’s paid companion to end. And the more time she spends with Alan, the harder it becomes to remember why their relationship must remain professional. Breaking their contract would solve so many problems—for both of them. But would it also break their hearts?

One hatched plan…and a whole lotta romance. Maya Ray’s just been dumped. Noah Wynton’s just been dumped too. So while their exes bask in their new relationship, what do Maya Ray and Noah do? Hatch a plan, of course. The checklist: -Pretend to date. -Show up everywhere their exes do. -Get lovey-dovey as often as possible (shouldn’t be too difficult, with this chemistry!) -Prove they’re over their exes (except things are starting to snowball, and maybe those kisses aren’t so fake after all…) Maya Ray is convinced the best revenge is proving to her ex that she’s fine. With a plan like this in place, she’s sure to have more than her share of fun too. Now that Noah’s spending so much time with Maya Ray, he’s starting to realize things might not have been perfect with his ex. But how long can they possibly keep up this act? And with a whirlwind romance to fake, who has time for falling in love?

I’ve made a deal with the fae king… Now he’s come to collect. This boxset collection contains all three books in the Wyld Fae Trilogy. Each book is a part of one epic, overarching plot featuring the forbidden romance between the conniving and enigmatic fae king and an English housewife with a magical secret hidden in her blood. This three-book paranormal fantasy romance collection is packed with smoldering sex scenes, an epic plot spanning multiple worlds, a love triangle that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end, and villains you’ll love to hate. Contains scenes, themes, and language suitable for mature readers only.

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