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At the age of twenty-three, teaching assistant Blair Coal knows there’s more to love than her last emotionally toxic relationship. This becomes more evident each time she sees firefighter Tyler Stoan. It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale romance, right? The only problem is—both Blair and Tyler are in a coma, and they’ve only met in their dreams. When Blair wakes with a vivid recollection of the man she’s infatuated with, she begins her search to find him against the advice of those closest to her. Will Blair find Tyler? And if she does, who will she discover? As relationships unfold, Blair’s past and present collide, adding tension to her already perplexed mind, and she finds herself at a crossroad. Though true love seems within reach for Blair, fate may have something else in store for her. After all, life hardly ever turns out the way we think it will.

Harry Was My Best Friend’s Older Brother That Made Growing Up A Living Hell. Now He Wants To Be My Boyfriend? But there are strings attached (Harry never does anything unless it benefits him). He needs me to save his reputation after he gets kicked off the hockey team. Frankly, I’m ready to see him suffer. But ever since his proposal I can’t stop thinking of him. His dark eyes, beautiful head of hair, and athletically toned body. I’m starting to imagine what it would be like to be with him. Add to that I find out my ex transferred to my college. I can’t let him see me alone. I’m getting myself a boyfriend even if it’s a fake one. It’s game on now.

I’ve been lied to, abused, and betrayed…and yet somehow, that’s the least of my worries. Not when I find out I’m a wolf shifter too. I’ve lived in the same small town my whole life, the kind of place where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens—right up until three imposing strangers show up determined to hunt me down. They tell me I’m not who I thought I was. They tell me everything I’ve ever known is a lie. The family that raised me are imposters meant to keep me from my destiny as heir of a powerful werewolf clan. They were sworn to keep me from my fate. Now they’re here protect me. Or so these strangers tell me. Strangers with sharp jaws, smoldering stares, and a lust for more than just my royal blood. Turns out that finding out I’m a shifter is only the beginning. If the men and beasts around me have their way, it’ll be my end, too.

Lonely mafia princess with too many daddy issues seeking nice guy next door. Yeah right. Not even in my wildest dreams could I live the fantasy small-town life. I tried to run away from who I am and now I’m the captive of a ruthless mafia man who swears my father killed his. And it’s probably true. But right now, I’m more worried about all the dark, dirty promises my brute pirate whispers he’ll do to me once he has me on his boat. He says if I try to run, he’ll hunt me down because I’m payment for sins against his family, his captive. And I fear, his utter obsession. And I know he’ll stop at nothing until I’m his in every way.

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