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He never said I love you. ‘Til he did. Thirty-eight and childfree by choice, Kate needs to move on. She has been here before, actually, Kate has been exactly here for fifteen years. In love with a man who was only supposed to be a friend, though with benefits. She should have known better than to fall in love. Stupid,  one-sided love with a man who wants something she can never give him. Kids. At thirty-eight she was not rethinking her choice to be childfree but it was time to rethink her relationship. Their lives are changing, everyone else is moving ahead but Kate is stuck. And she wants out. She wants a partner and not just one in bed. Yes, she has options, good looking options. It’s frustrating enough without everyone telling her what is best for her. When she decided to get away from it all and find a distraction, she did not count on him coming after her. She definitely did not expect him to say what he did. All Matthew ever wanted is Kate. For fifteen years he has waited for a sign she cares. The first time he saw an inkling of jealousy she decided to walk away from him. He is sure she’ll come back to him. But what if she doesn’t, what if she finds someone who has the courage he never did?

After sneaking into Edward’s mansion to get an exclusive story, reporter Elaina gets way more than she bargained for when she and Edward get trapped together in his lounge when his high-tech security system malfunctions.

Five years ago, I left Bessemer Bay to get away from the woman I loved who was also having a baby with another man. I’d just graduated and it was the perfect time to get away. I had a good life in Arizona but family tragedy has brought me back to town and to face the woman I left behind. But she was supposed to have left too so I’m surprised when I find her still in town. With the baby that wasn’t mine. Except he is and she’s kept him from me his entire life. Now is the time to face reality. I’m here and want to be a part of my kid’s life. But I also want Mia. First I have to try to forgive her for lying to me. Then I’ll have to convince her that she’s not the girl from high school anymore.

I’ve caught a raging case of bosshole. Signing on as a company driver for Brandt Ideas felt like a dream. Big-girl salary. Stellar benefits. Glorious people—minus one. Nicholas Brandt was put on Earth to drive me insane. Of course, he’s my bossman. He spent the first month mistaking me for a dude. Then he “apologized” with the grace of a drunken moose. A perfect grump with a brutal reputation. A heart-thief sculpted like a fallen angel. A master at making me question all of my life decisions. Why is it always the terrible ones who make a girl tingle? The longer I’m stuck with Satan in endless Chicago traffic, the faster he wears me down. When he needs a “date” at this rich-people charity dance, I crack. I say yes. I kiss my incurable, broken, off-limits boss—and God help me, I like it. I invite disasters fated to rip my heart out. And just when Nick Brandt can’t cut my life into tinier confetti, the unthinkable does. Guess who wants to save me. Now guess how much barbed wire I’ve got to keep Mr. Anti-Perfect in exile…

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