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This Box Set contains the following previously published books: Part One – Her Master’s Wedding, Part Two – Her Lovers’ Touch, & Part Three – The Sin of the Parent. 

When You Marry Two Men, What Happens Next? As Charlotte’s wedding day approaches, will her marriage to one of her Masters affect her relationship with the other? Her old enemy languishes in prison, but has he forgotten her? And as Charlotte searches for the mother she never knew, will the past return to reveal its secrets? A Tale of BDSM Ménage Romance and Suspense.

They say a proper lady follows the rules. She lets the gentleman take the lead. She obeys her chaperone. She is soft spoken and careful in everything she says and does. She doesn’t intrude into a gentleman’s business. And she most certainly doesn’t become the object of scandal. Miss Lilly Lowell has been careful to follow the rules all of her life. But the rules aren’t helping her now when she needs it most. She made the terrible mistake of spurning Mr. Morris’ attention, and now he’s looking for someone else to marry. Determined to get him back, she hatches a plan to make him fall in love with her again. And doing so will require her to start breaking some rules. Hurt by Miss Lowell’s rejection, Mr. Roger Morris is seeking out another lady to court. But after endless social engagements, it starts to become clear to him that no one can take her place. Whether he likes it or not, he is doomed to love her. She is the perfect lady for him. But the last thing he wants to do is give in, especially when she creates a scandal that forces him to marry her. This might just be a match made in hell. Or maybe, quite possibly, heaven…as long as Lilly can figure out a way to make things right.

Baltimore Detectives Dee Quarter and Connie Wilks spring into action when a woman is strangled to death. The investigation immediately leads to Dee’s ex, Grayson, who still wants her. As if Grayson isn’t enough to deal with, the case brings Dee to Jonathan Wild, the leader of a cult called The Circle. The charismatic Jonathan is unlike any man Dee’s ever met and his interest in the feisty cop goes beyond the case, threatening Dee’s romance with Winston Lewis. Dee loves Winston with all her heart and despite curiosity for Jonathan, she refuses to get sucked in, but Dee doesn’t know Jonathan plans to make her a member of The Circle whether she likes it or not. While juggling her love for Winston and intrigue toward Jonathan, Dee fights to solve the case, but will she lose herself in the process? 

What happens when the person you love doesn’t love you back? Your heart will Burn. Penny loves Matthew. She has loved him for a long time. Unfortunately, Matthew does not feel the same. He is in a happy relationship with a beautiful young woman named Hannah. Through all of her undergraduate college years, Penny has loved Matthew silently. And she has suffered for it. During her final year of university, Penny decides to put her feelings for Matthew aside and try to live her life without him. She finally realizes that Matthew will never love her and that its best for her to move on. However, as soon as Penny stops loving Matthew, he reveals that he has feelings for her. Matthew’s love comes at a dark price. And it is one that Penny is not willing to pay.

A single mother with a sailor’s mouth. A Hollywood star with a heart of gold. Small town gossip, good intentions and a paring that no one would ever predict. This quick-witted, self-deprecating romance is full of heart and curse words. Imagine if you gather a bunch of misfits: The ring leader is a single mother by choice with money problems and a sailor mouth. Then comes her teen daughter who knew the words of Pour Some Sugar on Me by the age of three. Add two idiots of best friends. And to top it off? The hottest actor in Hollywood. It’s not easy to be Ellis Montgomery. She’s the juggler of bills extraordinaire, the best mother of London P and a jack of all trades. The days are long and the curses are many. Ellis and Emmet are the perfect disaster, an unconventional romance between two people who met in the most unlikely circumstances. Of course Ellis is struggling with life, but guess what? She’s an eternal optimist and a grade A bullshitter.

There are three rules at this supernatural academy: Date your own kind. Mixing with other races is forbidden. Never speak or look at The Royals, the powerful princes destined to rule each of their kingdoms. Avoid the human world. Of course, I’ve already broken all the rules. There’s something different about me. Something that’s not pure. I’m not like the other dragon shifters. Maybe it’s because of my human blood. The Royals have noticed me, and every girl at the Academy hates me. I never knew the paranormal world existed until one day I have a fight with Mom, I come home to find her gone, and poof, I’m a dragon shifter. It would have been nice if Mom would have told me. But then again, secrets rule my family… But now she’s been kidnapped and I have no answers. I have to find her. Some powerful demon is after me, because supposedly I’m a threat to his power. Which is crazy! Has he seen me in class?

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