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The Chaos is coming… Tess: Humans and werewolves don’t mix. We don’t share drinks at the bar, shop at the same stores, or even live in the same part of town. There’s no trust, just decades of superstition and haunting rumors of a dark night only spoken about in hushed whispers. I know what everyone fears. After all, my shop is located in the center of the city. When people want natural and herbal remedies, they come to me. My family has helped the people of Morningstar for generations. I hate the shifters as much as they do. When the handsome alpha breaks into my shop and hurls accusations, I’m determined to set him straight… until all hell breaks loose. Quinn: I’m the Alpha. It’s my responsibility to ensure my clan is protected from the humans. Four packs that rely on the Hogan brothers to keep their secrets and families safe. Years of mistrust, lies, and carnage have placed a wedge between my kind and the humans. Just when I have it all under control a new threat emerges. It’s not just my people that are in danger. To top it off, the need for a mate surges in my blood as the Chaos approaches. I had it all figured out until I recognized a new and tantalizing scent and the female it belongs to: A human with a secret, a sexy smile, and an aura that calls to me in a way I can’t seem to resist.

Auctioning your sister off so the winner could figure out how to get her across the country for your son’s birthday was beyond reckless. Melisande Bisset was used to Ana going a little overboard, but her newest scheme was way out there. Only she might’ve been onto something because a smoking hot security expert with a pilot’s license came to the rescue. Devon Miller had seen too much during his years in the military to let the gorgeous graduate fend for herself. Except someone else already has their eye on Mel. For the first time ever, Devon’s reasons for protecting someone were personal instead of professional. Now that he’s claimed Mel as his own, nobody was going to take her away from him.

A hot Scot and an American lass pair up when the past comes back to haunt them. Kat Ryder sets off for London, ready for the adventure of a lifetime before starting college. The very first day, she meets the gorgeous guy she’s been dreaming about forever—literally the man of her dreams—and he’s nothing like she’d imagined. When Kat and her dream man are falsely accused of a crime, they’re forced to go on the run together. And that’s when the real adventure begins in a race for their lives as dreams and destiny collide.

Vaughn James is stubborn, arrogant, and unfortunately, the hottest man I’ve ever known. I’ve been obsessed with my older brother’s best friend since I gave him decorating tips for his treehouse when we were kids. You never forget your first kiss, and he was supposed to be mine. Until the moment he rejected me. He may not have been my first kiss, but he was the first to break my heart. Now I’m grown up, with grown up stalker problems, and the last thing I care about is Vaughn James and his irresistible self. When my brother asks Vaughn to renovate my shamble of a new home, I’m forced to spend time with him. Long evenings. Tensions rising. Second chances. And when danger comes into my life, Vaughn’s the only one there to protect me. But it’s up to me to protect my heart. I won’t let myself fall for the cold-hearted bachelor…even if he isn’t who he appears to be.

Sage Huxley’s always been ambitious. She clawed her way out of Lyndale, Texas and into the Ivy Leagues, and she swore she’d never come back. Especially not to see Mr. Bad Boy himself, Leo, voted “Most Likely To Go To Prison” in their high school yearbook, with a rap sheet longer than his tattoo sleeves. Her cheeks still burn when she remembers how he broke her heart four years before. But in the wake of her estranged father’s death, she’s forced to work with Leo to repair the house she’s inherited or lose everything. And the longer they work together, the more she begins to fall for him all over again. Can she leave him for a second time? Or will Leo flip her house and her heart?

Tattoos…check. Beard…check. Alpha AF…heck yeah! The biggest beast on the mountain is about to break all his rules for the woman he wants. I’m not who I pretend to be. In my former life they called me the Beast, rebel, monster. I’ll be honest, I earned my brutal monikers the hard way and pocketed billions in the process. But what I’m not is someone’s savior. Now I go by Sawyer Becker. The man who owns the Rust Nail bar. Then I met her. Trinity Douglas—angel, thief, and my personal hell on Earth. Wild Ridge Mountain’s firecracker barista with the soft lips, prettiest green eyes and the sexiest curves is one temptation no saint or mortal can ignore. She’s also a woman with a secret of her own. They say when two like souls meet for the first time it’s the Universe uniting energies. All I know is she’s makes a hard man like me want what I can’t have. So far, I’ve stayed away, but when she slides behind my bar and into my arms, one taste of her sweet lips breaks through my iron-clad self-control. And I take what I want. She cracks my world wide open and the beast inside me roars to life. I claim every inch of her body and she claims me right back. I only hope my secret past doesn’t tear us apart.

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