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Aiden “Rider” Brand knew the Silver Saints MC rule about sisters being off-limits. But he had no clue that his VP was Wendy West’s big brother when he met her. And after their night together, nobody was going to keep him away from the woman he’d claimed as his own.

As the youngest brother to King Symon, Garreth is used to going under the radar. He likes it that way. He has no wish to have the responsibilities his brothers deal with day in and day out. That is until he volunteers to go on a mission for Symon and meets Princess Marie. Instantly, he falls in love. He wouldn’t have thought it possible—even laughed at his brothers when it happened to them. Now, he doesn’t question it. He’s determined that she will be his. There’s just one large problem. Princess Marie is getting married to someone else. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Garreth won’t allow anyone to claim his woman. The only ring she will ever wear is his.

The last thing security specialist Sera Russo wanted was another ego-driven super star athlete for a client. They had a habit of being a pain in the butt. Sometimes literally. Rowan Charles was widely believed to be the best quarterback to have ever played the game. The person who called themselves his biggest fan in a series of disturbing notes definitely agreed. And they’re pissed Rowan has decided to leave the game. Sera’s job was to keep Rowan safe, and pretending to be his girlfriend was the easiest way to do it. But when their feelings for each other quickly turned real, Rowan has a new goal in mind…to claim his guardian angel forever.  

She was my best friend’s wife—strike one. Now, she’s a firefighter’s widow—strike two. And she wants nothing to do with a man who risks his life every day—strike three. Keeping an emotional distance from Natalie while still taking care of her after Evan died has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. One I’ve managed for two years. Right up until she starts dating again, which kicks off a heated argument and ends in a soul-searing kiss. Once that line is crossed, there’s no going back. I eat, breathe, and sleep firefighting. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. I fuckin’ love this job. I never thought I’d ever let anything come between me and my career, but Natalie isn’t just anything. In fact, she’s everything—everything I never knew I wanted but now can’t live without. The odds aren’t in our favor. If this job doesn’t tear us apart, the secret I’ve been harboring will.

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