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The last thing security specialist Sera Russo wanted was another ego-driven super star athlete for a client. They had a habit of being a pain in the butt. Sometimes literally. Rowan Charles was widely believed to be the best quarterback to have ever played the game. The person who called themselves his biggest fan in a series of disturbing notes definitely agreed. And they’re pissed Rowan has decided to leave the game. Sera’s job was to keep Rowan safe, and pretending to be his girlfriend was the easiest way to do it. But when their feelings for each other quickly turned real, Rowan has a new goal in mind…to claim his guardian angel forever.  

It started with one question. “How much to hire you?” Which wasn’t an unusual question in my line of work. I am a professional escort after all, and even though sexual favors weren’t included in the contract, for the right price, anything was possible. But she wasn’t one of my typical clients. No, Summer Knight was young, sweet, and so utterly innocent. Everything she didn’t want to be. Everything she wanted me to strip away from her for the bargain price of ten thousand dollars. Little did I know that accepting her offer would be the beginning of the end. That the student would become the teacher. That one question, asked by one woman, would change everything.

They’re twice my age and hit the triple D’s in spades: Dominant, dirty and delicious. But they’re untouchable. Forbidden. That’s the rule. If I’m honest I’ve always followed the rules. Until them. When a dare from my best friend lands me in nothing but a red thong and f*ck-me-heels in front of these possessive, gorgeous men maybe all my sweet, dirty fantasies will come true. And you want to know the sexiest and dirtiest secret of all? They want to claim me as theirs in ways I’ve never imagined. But at what cost? I might have won the dare, but I could lose my heart and my scholarship if anyone finds out I’m the professors’ forbidden sweet treat.

A feisty school teacher… Samantha Barrett has it all under control…if wrangling a classroom of rowdy ninth-graders, chasing a delinquent dog, or living with your grandmother don’t count against you. As if that isn’t enough, her brother’s best friend, Dr. Ethan Cordero, is back in Barrett Ridge, living next door, and boom!…she’s reviving her silly schoolgirl fantasies starring the delicious doctor. Ethan’s cool, detached attitude demands she keep her distance, despite the spark of attraction in his gaze. With a history of disastrous romances, Sam’s doubting her instincts and praying common sense will rule the day. But the sight of Ethan’s rock hard abs and his heart-melting dedication to his son has Sam throwing caution to the wind. A dedicated single dad… Dr. Ethan Cordero has a clear strategy plotted for a fresh start in his hometown of Barrett Ridge. Only two things count — get Mateo, his son, through high school and grow his medical practice. That’s all good until Samantha Barrett charges into his backyard with her joyful laugh and a delinquent dog. Now, his best friend’s baby sister keeps jumbling up his well-laid plans with her curvy little backside and her surprising bond with Mateo. Much to Ethan’s shock, Sam’s getting under his skin and lifting the shadow in his heart. Between a con artist canine, a confused grandma, a backstabbing stepmother, and one decadent chocolate cake, Ethan discovers that every path winds right back into the arms of the oh-so-enticing girl next door, Sam. …and one hot night together will have surprising consequences!

Sparking rocks. Family Secrets. Seductive Lies. Mia’s advertising career masks a side job in the family business – the business is thievery and the competition kills. Partnering with her brother, Andy, Mia is drawn into a short timeline to plan a diamond heist to make good on Andy’s double-cross of the crime boss who hired him for the prior job. Openly teasing the mark, Mia plays with the jeweler’s attraction to her, insinuating herself into his life, gaining his confidence. When Andy’s past threatens them both, Mia abandons the heist and disappears. The mark, under Mia’s spell, hides and protects her from danger. They are both in peril as her brother’s stalker closes in on them. Alternating between ecstasy and fear, she has to make a fateful decision. Is she placing her trust in the wrong man? Can a relationship built on lies become real?

A record-breaking blizzard is on the way to Winter Falls…and close quarters sometimes make for strange bedfellows. Led by their mayor, the citizens of Winter Falls rally together to keep everyone safe during the storm. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan, but cuddling next to the fire and kissing under the mistletoe leads to a whole lot of romance for these nine couples. Spend this holiday season with nine of your favorite romance authors as they introduce you to a ski town where love is in the air. This collection includes all new stories that are hot enough to melt all the snow headed for Winter Falls.

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