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Jessa Ames is shy and a bit of a klutz. Roman Thatcher is confident and athletic. They couldn’t be more different, but they’re also made for each other. This quiet beauty will learn there’s more than one way to communicate when the language is love.

Tired of working for her racist airline company and needing something to take her attention off her problems, flight attendant Abby connects with billionaire Lucian during an empty, red-eye flight and learns the new meaning of “flying at 36k feet”.

A stubborn wolf. A curvy bear. A Sizzling attraction neither of them could ignore. Mindi Martin wasn’t thinking of settling down. Something was in the water in Howling Valley, driving everyone to find their mates. She was determined to dodge that bullet, but then she met gorgeous, curvy bear shifter, Echo Norden. And her wolf made plans of her own—claim Echo. Echo was convinced she’d never find her mate. In all of her years, she hadn’t met anyone worthy of her bear’s affection. Her beast was headstrong and wanted a mate who was her equal. One scent of a beautiful wolf shifter and Echo knew one thing. She’d found her mate. Two problems were standing in her way. Her clan did not approve of Mindi as a suitable mate, and she was betrothed to another.  The call to mate was overpowering the two women. Nothing was going to stand in their way of what fate had in store for them. Together they would face anyone who would dare try to keep them apart.

Struggling to save her family’s cotton mill, Anita needs a loan from the bank but can’t get a loan without a husband. Carson is the biggest playboy in Samsville, Texas. The man women run to and then quickly regret doing so. He can get any woman he wants, and he wants Anita, so when she pops up asking him to marry her so she can secure her loan, Carson is more than willing.

High school sweethearts don’t last. That’s what everyone told me after she left, after I broke us. With the abrupt turn my life has taken, hoping for forgiveness is an indulgence I can’t yet afford. In the meantime, being dubbed the broody bartender by Landry’s nosey residents seems to have its perks—it keeps people and distractions away. Until she walks into my bar. Her beauty, her touch, it haunts me. Having Willa back here is nothing but a tempting distraction. She returned home for her veterinary internship, and is relentless. She acts like we’re friends. No matter how much I glower, brush her off, or walk away, she’s always there. A cruel reminder of what I gave up. Of what may never be. Because I have commitments. I’ve made promises. And they don’t include getting involved with Willa again, not yet—no matter how my body reacts when she’s around. No matter how her heated stares, alluring curves, and provocative sweetness call to me. She might be the light to my darkness. The woman I still love. But none of that matters. Because she’s not staying and I can’t leave.

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