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A small-town B&B, a dog called Muffin, and an explosive family secret that threatens to shatter the lives in Sea Star Cove. With no place to call home, Carrie O’Shea returns to where she once found happiness: The Sea Star B&B, set in a small beach town along the South Carolina coast. Offered a job in the B&B by her old friend Marian, Carrie meets Greg Onassis, a fisherman with a sad romantic history. She’s drawn to him instantly but Janice, his spiteful mother, seems determined to prevent them from falling in love, as is Pete, Carrie’s awful ex-fiancé. As a storm wreaks havoc along the coast, Greg receives a mayday call from Sea Star Island. What Carrie and Greg discover will change their lives forever. Will Carrie have the courage and resilience to navigate the choppy waters and find her forever home in the small town community? Will Carrie and Greg solve the explosive family mystery that’s been hidden for decades? Will Greg ever forgive his mother, and will she ever think Carrie is good enough for her son? Grab your copy today and start sailing around Sea Star Cove in this thrilling, romantic adventure where second chances, forgiveness and the power of love are only a boat ride away.

Arabella and Gaige are total opposites. She’s super girly. He’s all man. She makes decadent desserts for a living. He hunts down information on bad guys. But from the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable. 

Hate me all you want, ’cause loving me might just be harder. No one is standing in my way of being the first to graduate from an Ivy League school. Especially not my flaming-hot first love. With his golden blond hair, tanned skin, sparkling blue eyes, and surfer’s body, every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. It doesn’t hurt that he has a boatload of money backing him up or that his family name is on the gym at our college. When we meet again, there’s nothing left of the boy I used to know in the man he’s become. He looks at me like I’m the enemy and I know I am because, once upon a time, I broke his heart. Now, he’s out for revenge and he won’t stop until he gets it. Bring it, wicked rich bad boy. Bring it.

She’s supposed to be untouchable. Forbidden. The delicious sweetness we’re not allowed to crave and a scandal waiting to happen. Yet, we refuse to go another semester without her in out arms. Another year not knowing the taste of her lips. Jemma is the beautiful raven-haired temptation from my senior lecture with the captivating green eyes and curves made of sin. She stirs a raw need in us to find out everything about her. To shower her with the beauties of the world just to see her face light up with joy. We’re the kind of men who have nearly everything we want, yet there’s one thing missing in our lives. Someone with the softest lips and sweetest heart to warm our souls and bed. The world would say what we want with my young student is wrong, that men like us can’t have a woman like her. But they’re wrong. Because Jemma promises she wants every inch of what we have to give her. She’s afraid of breaking the rules, but we’ll show her how good it feels to finally fall for her filthy professors. Jemma: There’s sinful and wrong and then there’s what I want to do with my professors. I’ve dreamed of this moment. Feared it just as much. All three of my professors are powerful, rich and dominant. And utterly gorgeous. And ten years my senior. They want one month to sate our desires and lavish me with the attention I deserve. Their words, not mine. I’m tempted to let each of them show me the world outside of lecture halls (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

When love is the greatest risk of all… Take one love-burned school teacher, add a globe-trotting bachelor, stir in the real estate deal of the century, and mix with a wild storm, and you have a sweet and sexy romp to love in the Colorado mountains. Krissa needs a fresh start… “Bad luck be gone.” Krissa Courtland closes her eyes and stabs a pin in the map. No more cheating exes or downsized jobs. With fingers crossed, she lands in Colorado, but right off a storm flattens her dream cabin. But disaster turns delicious when irresistible Nick Olin saves the day. And now Vail’s sexiest resort developer is her landlord and next door neighbor. Nick’s career is on the line… Nick’s silky brown curls and teasing smile melt her heart, but Krissa can’t shake the ache in her soul and won’t trust in love. Too bad for Krissa, Nick has other ideas. With her luscious curves and vulnerable amber eyes, Nick is oh-so-distracted from his empire building. Every time Nick makes a move, Krissa bolts. Can Nick prove he’s trustworthy and just the man to heal her heart? Or will Krissa run out on her chance at love? 

Garrett Oliver thinks he just needs two things in life – a big bank account and a beautiful woman on his arm. If he’s not careful, he’ll lose both in the blink of an eye. Isabelle Alvarado just wants to get through the week so she can get back to Club Solitaire and hang out with the Dom she’s been seeing. Losing her job can really puts a damper on things, though. Finding out the Dom she’s been seeing owns the company that just fired her? Even worse. When Garrett Oliver makes tough decisions about his company, he has no idea he’s about to turn his own world upside down. But when you’re bleeding cash and can’t figure out why, you have to do something fast. Now, he has to fix it, or he’ll lose Isabelle forever. And it seems like that’s exactly what someone wants to see happen. Will they be able to track down the saboteur before it’s too late? This enemies-to-lovers romance is the next story in the Diamond Doms collection, and it won’t disappoint. It’s filled with just as much intrigue and sizzling chemistry as the last two. Buy it today, and get lost in your favorite billionaire world.

Need a date for the holidays? We’ve got you covered with 22 fake holidates to heat up your season! Travel from small towns to cosmopolitan cities, snow covered mountains to gorgeous mansions. You’ll meet sexy billionaires, brainy tech gods, buff journalists, sinfully cocky athletes, and sizzling hot chefs. They’re naughty and nice (and everything in between) and they’re enough to fulfill any romantic fantasies. These 22 swoon-worthy heroes are ready to be your *fake* plus-one at holiday events, from Christmas weddings to Chanukah and Kwanzaa celebrations. Each starts out as a charade, and though they might lie to family, friends, or co-workers, they won’t be able to fool themselves when a very real romance develops. Escape into addictive tales of second chances, sweet new beginnings, secret crushes, friends to lovers, love triangles, and forbidden rendezvous. Throw in a mix of suspense, laughs, passion, and temptation, and your holidays are set. The tingles, butterflies, and swoons brought on by these sweet and scorching stories will have you wondering which book boyfriend you should bring home for the holidays.

Aliens move among us—warriors, soldiers, explorers, and more—testing fate and finding love with their true mates. And they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure their human mates remain forever caught in their Alien Embrace. This hot new collection brings you all the best in science fiction alien romances. Our heroes and heroines will satisfy your cravings for every kind of alien romance, whether you prefer slow-burn or fast, one hot hero or two…or more.

This boxed set collection of new alien-human romances includes works by: Celia Kyle & Anne Hale, Milly Taiden & Ava Hunter, Honey Phillips, Margo Bond Collins, Ella Maven, Jade Waltz, Eva Priest, Lucee Joie, Luna Wren, Ava Ross, Luna Jade, L. P. Peace, Harpie Alexa, Belle Harper, Libby Campbell, Jessica Grayson, Sasha Caine, Cass Alex, Skyler Andra, Nova Celeste, Tia Didmon, Mia Harlan, Vivienne Hart, Dee J. Holmes, Debbie Hope, D. F. Jones, Danielle Kaheaku, Katrina S. Karter, Michelle Mcloughney, Alexis B. Osborne, Kat Parrish, Erin Raegan, C.L. Riley and Sapphire Stone, Jarica Riley, Tricia Schneider, Ruby Snow, Star Wing, Aria Winter, and Sapphire Winters.

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