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Angelica Rose’s mom always told her that desperate times called for desperate measures. Walking into a strip club and asking for an audition certainly qualifies as desperate, but when her mom’s battle with cancer ends months before Angelica is due to start college, she doesn’t feel like she has much choice. The moment Morgan Cadwell sees her on his stage, he knows she’s the one woman who could make him break all the rules. There’s no way he’s going to let Angelica dance for other men, so he hires her as his live-in personal assistant instead. Morgan’s offer lets Angelica keep her clothes on…but little does she know that, in the end, he’ll make her bare her soul instead.

Ryan is getting married in a few days. At least that’s what she thinks because Terrance has other plans. A self-made billionaire with a thriving clothing store franchise, Terrance always gets what he wants and he’s about to prove it when he gets Ryan alone in the back of a limo on her wedding day.

Professional boxer Ray “The Wrecker” Wilson is used to winning, both in and out of the ring. When injury forces him to retire, he returns to his hometown of Sunset Cove to buy the former infamous hotspot, The Kraken Bar & Grill. Ray gets more than he bargained for when he runs into the one girl who was always off-limits, his best friend’s sister, Alyssa. After divorcing her abusive husband whose family runs the town, real-estate agent Alyssa Higgins is finally getting her life back together and staying low-key. Then Ray walks into Sunset Cove Reality with reporters following, throwing her into the limelight. Now, Alyssa’s fight to avoid watching eyes and resist the legendary heartthrob is a daily battle, one she’s slowly losing. When Ray hires Alyssa to help him market the Kraken Bar & Grill and navigate the town’s politics, the two grow closer. They struggle to resist the passion between them while overcoming the shared grief from a past tragedy. An unexpected opportunity arises for Ray to hop back into the ring, changing everything. Will they fight for it, or is their love down for the count?

I’m a single mom looking for a fresh start. He’s trouble in tight jeans–the president of a motorcycle club. What could possibly go wrong? Caitlin: Broken promises. Broken dreams. Broken heart. Men are trouble and that’s all I’ve ever gotten. So when my daughter and I set down roots in small-town Kentucky, the last place I expect to find my kind of trouble is with a clubhouse full of bikers. Not just any bikers, the Brimstone Lords. Duke: When my wife died, love died. Stick to easy. I mean, hell, I got needs. Imagine my surprise when trouble walks through my clubhouse door in the form of a fiery redheaded doctor with a bangin’ body I can’t resist… and the little girl who steals my heart. Our timing couldn’t be worse with a serial killer still stalking Lords women, putting Doc and her girl directly in the path of murder. But I protect what’s mine, and Doc and Peaches are mine.

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