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Bryson’s Steakhouse is the go-to place for the Mayson family to celebrate all their big occasions. As its owner, Mani has had a front row seat to the second generation of Maysons finding their boom. But he’s always on the outside looking in, and he doubts it’ll ever be his turn…until Vivian comes crashing into his life. Vivian doesn’t think she has a lot in common with Mani. He owns a fancy restaurant, and she’s having a hard time finding a job. She’s searching for a cheap place to rent, and he has a beautiful house. Fast food drive-throughs are more her style, and Mani is all about gourmet. To Mani, these aren’t differences. They’re opportunities to give Vivian everything she deserves.

Bria couldn’t be prouder of herself. Finally, all the years of law school and countless hours dedicated to studying are over and she’s working the case she hoped she’d get. This could make or break her career. She’s ready for it. What she doesn’t expect is the ominous threats and the very real possibility she could lose her life because of it. Cairo sacrificed everything for his career. Now it’s time to say goodbye and walk away with his head held high. That is, it will be after one final case, but this is no ordinary case and the attorney is no ordinary woman. She’s smart, sexy, and naïve about the danger she’s in. Notorious mob kingpin Moses Giovanni never loses. People are expendable to him. And the hot young attorney with a chip on her shoulder is next on his list of people who need to be erased. Find out how one case brings Bria, Cairo, and Moses face-to-face. The fight is on. Will Cairo’s last case end in disaster? Can he keep Bria safe from harm or is he in over his head? 

The last thing a perpetual bachelor like me needs is to start a fake relationship with my hot mess neighbor. I’m not a commitment kind of guy—not anymore. Much to my family’s disapproval, I stick with what works for me: casual relationships and short term flings. So why the hell did I agree? Not because Emma is an adorable wreck who I want writhing beneath me. Definitely not because there’s something about her that gets under my skin. The blame lies with my well-intentioned family and meddlesome small town. Because in return for helping her navigate the dating world, she agreed to be my pretend girlfriend to keep my family off my back. It’s the perfect scenario. After our arrangement ends, we’ll part ways. Because we have no future. Emma’s past has made her crave what she’s never experienced—attachments and love. And I plan to stay far away from both, despite her adoring glances and the burning need I can feel in her sweet, curious touch. Now I just have to keep my hands from exploring her smooth skin, remind myself not to devour her pouty lips, and—most importantly—not let her fall for me. Because I won’t let Emma fall in love with someone who may never be capable of loving her back. 

Arianna Pierce is on the precipice of watching her dreams come to life as the newest race car driver for her family’s business. She’s breaking barriers as the first African American woman on the team, but unfortunately, she’s up against racing’s top driver. Kamden “Kash” Coleman is the man everyone wants to be and the driver everyone wants to beat. This time around, Arianna just might get her chance. Kash’s life is rife with chaos right now. Between the pressures of his career, problems with an ex, and the very real possibility that he could’ve fathered a child, it’s all he can do to keep his head in the race and his heart in the right place. Arianna is the distraction he doesn’t know he needs. Will the rivals find their way through the chaos and into love?

Can a rational young woman convince a solitary older man he doesn’t have to run from their attraction anymore? April: I know my mind and always have. I also know what I want. As an Actuary, it’s my job to assess risks, and I’m damn good at it. Loving Ezra is a risk, but one I’m willing to take. Our age difference scares him and when he makes the mistake of thinking he knows what’s best for me, it’s time for me to explain the facts to him. Ezra: She calls me the Renaissance Man, a jack of all trades, master of none. She doesn’t realize that should make her run from me, not come closer. I’m not good enough for her and never will be. I’m too old and she’s too smart to settle for someone that will only stall her rising star. Yet it’s so hard to do what’s right when she’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Billionaire tech genius, Leo Lancaster is accustomed to hiding his truth behind mankind’s materialistic comforts. But no more. The lion within him is on the prowl for a mate, and his primal instincts refuse to be ignored. Driven by his shifter side, he embarks on a journey across the globe to claim that fated bond. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to venture far. Sauntering by in heels and a curve-hugging pencil skirt, everything about Katrina calls to him. To Leo’s great regret, she needs a bit of convincing. Katrina Denmark is on the run from a past determined to destroy her. By focusing her life on helping others, she battles to overcome the fears that haunt her. Finally, she’s starting to feel safe. In control. Until the lioness side of her begins aching to submit to Leo. Terrified of her own growing desires, Katrina is deliberating over whether to take a chance on Leo when the deranged monster she’s spent years trying to escape catches up to her. With her life and freedom on the line, will Katrina allow Leo to stand beside with the ferocious love of a mate? Or will her own fears force her to face the looming darkness alone?

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