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All it took was one look for Sebastian “Breaker” Ross to know that Ireland Foster was meant to be his. So when he saw another guy giving the cute rocker chick a hard time, Breaker stepped in…by pretending to be her boyfriend. Ireland thought he was just playing the fake boyfriend to help her out since they’d never met before. But Breaker had every intention of turning the role into a permanent one. Something the other guy wasn’t too happy about.

During a charity event where hot billionaires have agreed to be auctioned off for a night, Kelly finally gets her chance to be with the man she’s been lusting after… her filthy rich employer James. And tonight, she’s the boss.

Second chances, forgiveness, and dreams coming true. Nothing is impossible at Quinn Valley Ranch… This collection includes two emotional, sweet, and heartwarming standalone Quinn sibling stories, three new scenes, and a recipe list. The set features: Carter’s Cowgirl: Romance isn’t even on Carter Quinn’s radar. Which is why he’s shocked to find himself falling for Avery Scott, the lovely consultant he hired to help take his organic farm to the next level. But can he convince the commitment-shy Avery to let down the walls around her heart and take a chance on love? Summer Serenade: Ivy Quinn wanted to be a star—until country superstar Nash Bennett crushed her dreams on national television. She was sure she’d never see him again. So imagine her surprise when he shows up years later, hoping to make amends, rekindle her musical dreams, and ultimately win her heart. But she could never open herself up to that kind of potential heartbreak…or could she?Fall in love and live happily every after in Quinn Valley. It just might become your new favorite small town! 

They call me a traitor. He calls me his. I just want to survive. Elise: I’ve barely been back in town five minutes and I already regret it. Another link in a long, heavy chain of regrets weighing down every aspect of my life since I was sixteen. I was just a baby. Far too young to deal with the very adult problems forced on me. They didn’t understand. Why didn’t they understand? No—get in, bury my father, then get out—that’s what I need to do. Only, the good people of Thornbriar haven’t been shy about letting me know that I’m unwelcome. Someone even trashed my car, slashing the tires, and spray painting lies in bold colors all over it. How am I supposed to leave without a car, people? The only person who seems happy to see me is someone I can’t remember—until I do and then the shit really hits the fan. I can’t escape him. And while I’m running from him, a serial killer descends on the town coming after every woman I know. His endgame? Me. Why? I don’t know. What I do know, I’m left with two choices: Let Bossman catch me and make me his, or let Houdini catch me and make me dead. Both choices scare the hell out of me.  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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