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Nova Rossi wasn’t happy when the Silver Saints MC president assigned him a babysitting job. Not until he saw Rylee Nelson’s picture. All it took was one look for Nova to realize that his sister’s friend was meant to be his, and he’d do whatever it took to keep her safe. Rylee wasn’t expecting to be rescued in middle of the night. Or for Nova’s caveman attitude to turn her on. But the motorcycle club enforcer was going to need to show Rylee the difference between trying to control and protect her before she’d be willing to accept his claim.

Fall for my sexy, grumphole boss? Absolutely not. No way. Not gonna happen. When arrogant jerk Blake Ryan walks into my favorite coffee bar looking for a fight, I know I’m in trouble. But he picks the wrong girl on the wrong morning. As it turns out, standing up to Mr. Grumpy-Pants is really hard to do while looking into those intense brown eyes. He’s got the angry smolder down I’ll give him that. He also has the bulging biceps, steel cut abs, and full lips. Only standing up to him backfires on me spectacularly when it turns out he’s one of those secret undercover bosses. After we tangle, he bans me from the coffee shop. My favorite coffee shop. Permanently. I decide not to go down without a fight, or a scene as the case may be. Then he does the last thing I expect and gives me a job. Or is it more of a challenge? I know I shouldn’t take it, but my choices are banishment or a six-figure job. I can deal with the long days and impossible workload as long as I don’t try to look into those sexy brown eyes. I can’t give in to my smoking hot new boss. No matter how many late nights I work or how tempting his full lips are or how adorable he is with his niece. He’s not the relationship type. And I’m not into getting my heart broken.

Christi Cabernet is happy to bring you her largest erotica bundle yet! This bundle of sexy stories will make your toes curl! They are written by authors who aren’t ashamed of their kinks, fetishes, predilections, or pasts and they want to share their wild imaginations with you! These stories include explicit content for women and men who are ready for some adventures! What are you waiting for? This’ll just be our little secret. 😉 These stories include: Interracial Encounters, Cuckolding wives, BDSM & Femdom stories, MMF Encounters, Cuckold Husbands Being Useful, Discipline and S/M, And much more!

Sofi: When I was asked to interview Roman Hurst, I thought I was prepared. But how could I be prepared for the gorgeous man awaiting me? Nor was I prepared when he offered me a job. To be his muse. And I definitely wasn’t prepared to fall in love with him. A man fifteen years my senior. Who is hiding a dark secret. A secret so devastating, it could rip us apart. No, I wasn’t prepared for that at all. Roman: I wasn’t expecting this colorful breath of fresh air to fly into my life. To wrench me from my dark cocoon. Make me feel things I haven’t felt in years. Sofi Lockhart. My beautiful, feisty butterfly. I’m going to catch her. Make her mine. But there are predators out there who want to shatter her wings. To tear us apart. No, I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Under no circumstances can I fall for my tall, dark, and grumpy boss. Elle: Sure, he’s tall, dark, and sexy as hell. He’s also growly and cocky and arrogant. To say we got off on the wrong foot would be the understatement of the year. Including the wardrobe malfunction he walked in on. My cheeks were on fire, but there was a different sort of fire in his eyes. But now he’s my new boss so I’m stuck with him. Cash the paycheck and go home. That’s the plan. Only it’s not so easy when my brain keeps going off script and picturing him in ways that are not safe for work. Mason: Elle is the sexy sunshine I can’t ignore.  She’s the only one who has the fire to stand up to me. Now that fire is threatening to undo me. Every eye turns when she enters the room, and every glimpse of her smile and her curves makes me ache. But she’s off-limits. Forbidden fruit.  Yeah, I might be in trouble.

Carly Kennedy’s life is in a spiral. She is drowning in work, her divorced parents are going through their midlife crises, and somehow Carly’s sister convinces her to foster Baxter–a basset hound rescue with a bad case of the blues. When Carly comes home late from work one day to discover that the dog walker has accidentally switched out Baxter for another perkier, friendlier basset hound, she has reached the end of her leash. When Max Sheffington finds a depressed male basset hound in place of his cheerful Hazel, he is bewildered. But when cute, fiery Carly arrives on his doorstep, he is intrigued. He was expecting the dog walker, not a pretty woman with firm ideas about dog discipline. And Carly was not expecting a handsome, bespectacled man to be feeding her dog mac and cheese. Baxter is besotted with Hazel, and Carly realizes she may have found the key to her puppy’s happiness. For his sake, she starts to spend more time with Hazel and Max, until she begins to understand the appeal of falling for your polar opposite.

He stayed away from trouble… Mark Anderson was a steadfast kind of guy. He did all the right things—earned his MBA, worked hard, dated appropriate women—but he was still single when it seemed like everyone around him was happily coupled up. Until it came barreling his way in a tempting package… Ariana Valenti had always been a party girl. But after a major wake-up call, she’s a reformed one. Except not everyone in Las Vegas has gotten the message, which sends her running to Chicago…and straight into Mark’s arms.

I’m a bride he doesn’t want to claim. And I will do anything in my power to keep it that way. They call me Gabriel’s girl, but say it to my face and I will cut your heart out. The Rossis are ruthless. They will crush anyone in their path to the top. That happens to be me. But joke’s on them—I’m far from whole and have nothing to lose. Some say that makes me dangerous too. I won’t be a pawn or a plaything. Unfortunately, my heart didn’t get the memo.

Lucy’s life is a rollercoaster—the highs are epic; the journey to the top is exciting; the drop varies from a little scary to downright terrifying; and the bottom is a soul-crushing disappointment. Her rollercoaster life is easier with someone who will hold her through the scary parts. Lucy’s life was out of control in her teens and early twenties because she was living with undiagnosed mental health disorders. Her program works when she commits to it and follows it, but her mind messes with her and makes her believe she doesn’t need the program anymore, that she’s not worth the work it takes, and that she’s not worth loving. Tony’s the only person who has ever loved all of her scary parts. Life is easier with Tony and he’d never do anything to hurt her, but her mind messes with her and makes her doubt everything about herself, him, and their relationship. For over four years, he woke up every day and fought for them. No matter how many times she slipped and fell into old habits, he fought. Nine months ago, Lucy walked out and that time, Tony didn’t chase her—he let her leave. Now, it’s Lucy’s turn to fight for them. She’s determined to do it and hopefully it’s not too late. 

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