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I’m a bride he doesn’t want to claim. And I will do anything in my power to keep it that way. They call me Gabriel’s girl, but say it to my face and I will cut your heart out. The Rossis are ruthless. They will crush anyone in their path to the top. That happens to be me. But joke’s on them—I’m far from whole and have nothing to lose. Some say that makes me dangerous too. I won’t be a pawn or a plaything. Unfortunately, my heart didn’t get the memo.

She’s running from her past. He’s broken from his. Barring a miracle, love doesn’t stand a chance. Edna Williams took a job as a housekeeper and nanny across the country in Colorado, hoping it would be far enough away from her former husband to start over. But some troubles won’t give up, and he follows her west, putting her new employer in danger too. A widower, Dr. Fredrick Parker’s calling is to heal, but his failures as a doctor haunt him. After some correspondence, he hires Mrs. Williams to keep house and watch his son while he works long hours caring for patients. What he hadn’t expected was the constant need to remind himself not to fall in love with the kind, beautiful woman. Edna’s reluctant to love again. And Fredrick’s secrets crush him. However, there just might be a miracle waiting for them in Denver that’s big enough to change their hearts.

David “Dax” Xavier knew he was supposed to stay away from Arya Rossi. Not only was she too young for him…Arya was the sister of one of his Silver Saints MC brothers. But even Nova’s threat of death to anyone who touched her wasn’t enough to keep Dax from claiming Arya for himself. Arya didn’t know she was delivering herself to her own kidnapping, but she didn’t complain when she found herself alone in a cabin with the man who’d been starring in her fantasies. If Dax wanted her on the back of his bike, she was more than willing. No matter what her brother had to say about their relationship.

He looks like a rancher, but when he reveals who he really is, my life changes in a moment. I’ve never seen more than my boring life as a waitress in Nevada. When a handsome alien rancher offers to show me the universe, can I follow my heart? A stranger came to my rescue on a chilly fall night, and it turns out this stranger is a local rancher who wants to know me better. I thought I was stuck being a small-town spinster, but Tom is everything I’ve dreamed of and more — a lot more.He is polite, courteous, and the chemistry between us is out of this world. But the police think Tom has more to do with the death of a local ne’er-do-well — the one who attacked me. And I cover for Tom because I want him more than I thought possible. Tom might try to keep his desire for me hidden, but he begins to reveal who he really is. The last thing I expect is a shimmering alien whose job is keeping an eye on Area 51 a few miles away. When the police turn the mysterious dead man case over to the government officials at Area 51, I realize Tom may have more secrets. We share a fiery, earth-shattering love, but is it enough? Do I turn him over to the government? Or should I follow her heart and take the chance at a new, exciting life with this rancher?

He’s the bad boy from the wrong side of the river. She’s the rich girl who wants for nothing. They call them the rats. The people from the poor side of Richstone river. Privilege lies just a short walk away and Liam Lawson wants it. When the head of Richstone Academy offers four places to the students of Sharrow Manor, he hatches a plan to ensure he and his friends get the opportunity to change their lives for the better… forever. Via a pact of blackmail and corruption of the girls of Richstone. They call them the riches. The people from the wealthy side of Richstone river. A life of excess and expectation, but Phoebe Ridley doesn’t want it. When her mother starts a social experiment at Richstone Academy, Phoebe is intrigued to meet the rats, to see how they’ll cope among the elite. She and her friends make up their own experiment. Via a pact of claiming a rat and getting them to do their bidding. But as the two sides of the river collide and the games begin, the stakes get higher and their moves darker and deadlier… And not everyone will make it out alive.  

After being dumped at a strip club during my bachelorette party, I didn’t expect to be rescued by four hot-as-sin men who work there. One moment, I’m staring at the gorgeous twin strippers up on stage. The next, I’m reading a devastating text from my fiancé. I moved across the country for that jerk, and now I have nowhere to go. Then four men step in to dry my tears. They invite me to the house they share and take care of me. I should be mourning the end of my engagement, but instead I’m mesmerized by my new roommates. They strip me of my defenses and tease me with their incredible bodies. Austin and Denver, the twin stripping sensations, have identical ripped physiques but opposite personalities. Tonio, the tall, dark, and handsome bartender, is working his way through business school. And Knox, the bouncer, is a mountain of a man whose quiet demeanor hides deep thoughts. They’re all different, but united on one front: they’re in no hurry for me to leave. It sounds crazy, but I feel more at home with these men than I ever did with my ex. Being in their arms and in their beds awakens sensations and feelings I’ve never experienced. Soon the exhilaration turns into something more for all of us. Then an unexpected opportunity for the twins threatens to separate the men I love. Can I find the strength to keep us all together? 

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