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Alone in Life…
Kirstie lives alone, with her memories of her embittered past and a determination not to repeat old mistakes. When she meets two very different strangers, what path will she choose to follow?
A BDSM Erotic Romance

Oliver March was a thorn in my side. The man was determined to take down my Matchmaking Agency with his stupid blog. But I wasn’t going down without a fight. I had a proposition for the enemy. I bet the pompous jerk I could find him his perfect woman. It was supposed to be simple. A few dates with gorgeous, accomplished women, one of whom he’d fall for and stop badmouthing my business. But it all went sideways. My algorithm, or more likely, my nosey business partners, set us up. We talked. We laughed. We kissed. We crossed so far over the line, it was invisible by the time I realized what I had done. I’d gone and fallen for the enemy.

Love is an illusion…
Or so it seems to Madeleine.
Stranded during a storm while chasing down her mother’s boyfriend and the money he stole only confirms her suspicion.
But when reclusive tycoon Jean-Luc comes to her rescue, Madeleine can’t deny the sparks of desire he inspires—until a growing undercurrent of secrecy makes her doubt the enigmatic Frenchman.

Though Stella Flanagan works as a marketing manager, and is admittedly fantastic at it, her true passion is reading. Mainly romance novels, which have, understandably, made her expectations for love rather high. Paxton Reeves is the owner of Loveville Books, the local bookstore that Stella loves to frequent. And though he’s drop-dead gorgeous, and would seem to be her dream man, being a bibliophile himself, there’s one big problem. The two have hated each other since high school. Paxton hates romance novels, and constantly reminds Stella of that every time she comes to buy a book from him. She takes it personal. So when Loveville Books is about to go under, the last thing that Stella and Paxton thought would happen, happens: they have to work together. And as they’re forced to spend more time together in order to save the bookstore, they realize that their mutual hatred for each other might have been a mask for something else…

The last thing he wants is to take the boss’s pampered daughter on a cattle drive. The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a cowboy. Oops! Ida Turner was supposed to pass along her father’s directions to the trail boss. Instead, she packs her wagon with silk dresses and joins the cattle drive up the Chisholm Trail from Windward, Texas, to the railhead in Kansas. Contrary to what she thought would be a grand adventure, the trail is fraught with dangers, threatening her life. Robert Conley learned about the change of plans for the cattle drive two days before they were to leave. Now, half his crew is new, he’ll be on the trail for months instead of weeks, and the beautiful, infuriating woman who is an albatross around his neck doesn’t know she’s riding with an outlaw—and he has to keep it that way. How can Ida overcome Robert’s secretiveness and earn his trust? Will Robert risk opening his heart and his past to gain Ida’s love?

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