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I’m stranded in a snowed-in castle with a big, bad prince… The plan was to visit my grandmother at the Arctic palace in the Kingdom of Nord. I was supposed to get the information I needed for work, give Grandma a big hug, then get out. Things…aren’t going according to plan. For one, the castle is being battered by the blizzard of the century. I’m stuck. Secondly, Grandma isn’t even here. In her place is a prince with honey-colored eyes and a body that was made for war. He’s big and burly and…oof, my poor panties. They don’t stand a chance when Prince Wolfe looks at me like he wants to eat me. How am I supposed to work when he’s walking around like some wild, Nordic god with a chip on his shoulder and a very big— Never mind. Listen, it’s temporary. As soon as this storm lets up, I’ll be out of here. All I have to do is keep it professional for a few short days. Easy, right? Ha. Yeah. Right.

Beware the Mirror King! The bogeyman of Mount Acaelum. Legends claim he sends his Ice Trolls to take children in the night. Some of the Taken return with a bagful of coins and no memory of what transpired. Some are never heard from again. Wolf-shifter Sterling will do anything to protect his pack. Even seek out the dangerous Mirror King on his own. No matter the cost. And he’s certain Zemyra the Weaver holds the key to finding the ruthless madman. Myra was one of the Taken. An ordeal that irrevocably changed her. But she’s put the ordeal behind her. Now, she’s content to live as a recluse on the edge of civilization and lose herself in her craft. She has no intention of answering Sterling’s questions. Because sharing the truth of that night might unleash a dangerous secret that would destroy her hard-won peace. But an early snowstorm, a shared cottage, and unexpected revelations draw them inexorably closer. And lead them toward a dangerous confrontation with the Mirror King.

The darkness holds more than just secrets… Marked for death, Sabine escaped from her home more than ten years ago.  But the Wild Hunt will never give up. It should have been easy to stay hidden. All Sabine had to do was keep her head down, avoid telling anyone about her past, and above all else — not let her glamour drop. Even the best-laid plans eventually fall apart. When a charismatic stranger arrives in the city, Sabine finds herself unwittingly drawn to the power she can sense hidden within him. Keeping her distance is nearly impossible, especially after a life debt is called due and she’s tasked into helping steal a rare artifact Sabine is the only one who can break the magical barriers protecting the item, but that means revealing the truth about her identity and exposing her darkest secrets. Unfortunately, the Fae aren’t the only ones hunting her. And the most dangerous monsters aren’t always confined to the dark.

His music feeds her soul, but his hands and lips claim everything else. Being a rock star I’m promised pretty much everything I want—money, mansions, and luxurious cars. But having my best friend’s little sister move in with me…no thank you. It’s bad enough I think she’s gorgeous, talented and rocks the sweetest paid of killer legs. Put her under the same roof and what comes next is only inevitable. I’ll claim her in every way a man can take a woman. My dark secret? I crave to know the taste of her lips on mine, the feel of her silky skin under my touch. She whispers her tight little virgin body is hungry. And now that she lives under my roof, her breathy moans and sweet sighs are proving hard to resist. So I don’t. But my temptress is hiding a secret. One that might keep us apart forever. I need her to trust me, but how do I show her I’m more than my stage persona and that I’m ready for what comes after the moment she steals this rock star’s heart?

He hadn’t done anything to deserve her… Jaxson Swift felt like his hands were still dirty after the things he’d seen and done as a collector for a Las Vegas bookie. Although he left his past behind him, he never expected to find someone like his red-haired angel when he came to Chicago. But that didn’t mean he was going to let her go… Kiara Kelly is too shy to approach the smoking-hot bouncer who’s caught her interest. Lucky for both of them, Jaxson doesn’t have a timid bone in his body. And once he makes his move, there’s no going back for either of them.

David “Dax” Xavier knew he was supposed to stay away from Arya Rossi. Not only was she too young for him…Arya was the sister of one of his Silver Saints MC brothers. But even Nova’s threat of death to anyone who touched her wasn’t enough to keep Dax from claiming Arya for himself. Arya didn’t know she was delivering herself to her own kidnapping, but she didn’t complain when she found herself alone in a cabin with the man who’d been starring in her fantasies. If Dax wanted her on the back of his bike, she was more than willing. No matter what her brother had to say about their relationship.

“When I told him to go to hell, I didn’t realize it would be a trip for two.” All I wanted was luck—the good kind. I’d lost my job, a jerk hacked my bank account, and I caught my best friend screwing my fiancé. When stood up by my Internet date in a bar, I met the perfect man—tall, dark, and handsome in the most expensive suit. He was out of my league, but I didn’t want forever. I barely remember the words he whispered under the veil of sin and seduction. I didn’t believe in Satan, God, Heaven or Hell. I thought he was kidding. A figment. A dream. I was wrong. With one, breathless yes, my fate was sealed. Businessman by day, demon by night, Leo Weston now owns my soul in exchange for good luck. Time is ticking as he works to secure my mother’s soul, too. Somehow, I have to take him down despite him being so damned gorgeous, glib, and devious. Will my gift of twisted luck be enough to save her and protect my heart?

After CQuest Oil, my now billion-dollar company, takes over yet another competitor, I know I could use some time to unwind. Coming home to the small town of Bourbon Falls, I figured what better place than here to clear my head. But when this stunning vision comes stumbling into my life, I throw unwinding out the window as my obsession grows with Sophie Ambers—a baker in town. I tell myself a young girl like Sophie will only bring chaos into my hours, something I’m looking to avoid since escaping a similar life long ago. Though, this angel strikes me as one worth risking it all for. Even with my unwelcome thoughts burning through, I know I’m not leaving town without making this girl fall in love with the man she deserves—me. If it takes weeks, months, years…I’ll stay in this small town until proving Sophie is nothing less than mine.

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