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A hot date? Try Five. Every time a perfect man shows up at my door, I swoon the proper amount and do my best not to stare at his chiseled features and firm… jaw. Yes, definitely his jaw. But I, Ellie Amore, have a problem. It’s big, gigantic, and not in the good way. None of these men are real. And that version of me? More fake than an author calling herself classy while drinking boxed wine in her yoga pants. Me, that author is me. I dream of hot men. Perfect men. Fictional men. These men go into my books, and it’s all I need for my messy cat-lady-living-above-a-bookstore life. Really. I don’t need my brother’s best friend checking up on me. The man who brings me tacos. The one who is decidedly not perfect—as his enemy cat would tell you—but somehow might just be perfect for me. I’m not sure how it all started or when he decided I was more than a favor to his friend. All I know is Cruz is not a man from my dreams. This time, it’s different. This time, he’s real.

Elijah – a man who bathed in darkness and basked in sin. I’m the one they all fear. The one they whisper about. A faceless ghost. My hands are coated in crimson from souls I’ve sent to hell – at a price. I’ve never missed a target, and I always deliver. I’m the Grim Reaper of the Cosa Nostra. Then there’s her. The cellist whose music soothes the malignance of my existence. For years I’ve lurked in the shadows watching her play. Waiting. Anticipating the day I’ll come for her. Her innocence tempts me. My blackened heart craves to ruin it, to smother her light with my darkness. She’s the nucleus of my obsession… and my next victim.

The arrival of Thomas Campbell and his elder brother has the small village of Bedford astir. Not only is Thomas tall, dark, and handsome, he is also rumored to be a most notorious rake. Miss Claire Gardner is young, innocent, and completely infuriating. Yet given an opportunity, Thomas can’t help teaching the headstrong beauty a lesson in desire. A quiet life for a lady… Content with a simple rural life, Claire Gardner has no wish for a season in London nor is she eager to wed. But after a catastrophic mistake compromises her honor, Claire finds herself ensnared in scandal. Claire is quite certain reformed rakes do not make the best husbands. She would rather face shame than lose her freedom to a man she is convinced does not love her. But as rumors swirl regarding her ruined reputation, the condemnation of her neighbors becomes more than she can bear. Will the truth about the other woman in Thomas’s life destroy their marriage before it has even begun? 

Lincoln “Link” Nash was as good at cracking heads together as managing money as the Silver Saints MC Treasurer. The last thing he wanted to do was play babysitter to Harlowe Reed—some kid the club offered to protect. Then Harlowe arrived with her sassy mouth and sexy body. She may only be a year older than his daughter, but she’s all woman. Link knows he’s too old for her, but it won’t stop him from keeping her.

There’s always that one guy, right? So perfect he’s guaranteed heartbreak. For Hailey, that’s Jack. He’s everything: handsome, athletic, kind. He’s also hopelessly head-over-heels for Ella, laughing at everything she says, kissing her like he can’t get enough. Hailey could absolutely die. But when Jack invites Hailey to lifeguard with him at a tony country club, Hailey jumps at the chance. Call her a glutton for punishment, but a summer of skimpy swimsuits, sun, and Jack by her side? One last chance to steal him away before they all leave for college? Yes Please! Of course, Ella’s there every day, lounging in her bikinis and lip gloss smiles. And the worst part? Hailey totally gets why Jack can’t resist her. Ella’s got this teasing, mean girl attitude that keeps Hailey on her toes. There’s something about her that makes Hailey’s insides ZING! And then melt in the most delicious…uh-oh. Guess the only thing worse than an impossible crush is having two impossible crushes.

Dane Edwards thought he’d be in town for less than two days. It was supposed to be a quick business trip to help a friend decide if a club was a good investment. Then he spots the blonde bombshell behind the bar, and all his plans fly out the window. It’s always been easy for Addilyn Johnson to tell customers no. Dating guys from the bar is something she’s never been tempted to do. Until Dane. With a little nudge in his direction from a bachelorette, she finds herself saying yes… and winds up with more than she bargained for!

Three sexy rock stars. Three headstrong heroines. A sizzling romance series that hits you with all the happy ever after feels. Bright and ambitious Marin Collins needs to stick to her “no workplace romance” policy and resist the sexy and nerdy rock star who is her new client. Brad Osterhauser, the reluctant guitarist who would rather be coding computer games than penning Grammy-nominated songs, finds his outlook on band life improve immensely when he’s smitten by the smart and stunning PR executive who joins the tour. Traveling by bus, city to city with a group of practical joking bandmates and a greedy manager, will music save or sink their forbidden romance? Lead singer Jase, burned-out from the pressures of life on the road, is called to his small hometown for a funeral. Sparks fly when he’s reunited with the childhood best friend he left behind. These friends to enemies soon become lovers. But with someone trying to tear them apart, can their new love survive? Meanwhile, practical joking keyboardist Oliver hooks up with a cash-strapped jewelry designer seeking distraction from workplace harassment. Can the prankster prove himself serious enough to turn a one-night stand into lasting love?

For the first time ever, all four books in the Unexpected series are together in one steamy hot collection.
The Unexpected Gift: The Christmas Grinch finds closure and love.
The Unexpected Letter: A taboo second chance romance.
The Unexpected Package: A chance encounter turns into something more.
The Unexpected Connection: A steamy menage romance that no one saw coming.
When it comes to love, expect the unexpected

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