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Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together. She’s a wealthy socialite looking for a suitable husband. A man with the right pedigree and an economic status that matches her own. He’s part owner of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta with his siblings. Someone who loves cooking, the outdoors, and women, not necessarily in that order. After one night together, their sizzling chemistry makes it difficult to stay away. Then comes the hard part—navigating their differences to salvage a relationship that, while it may be imperfect, overflows with love and passion.

It’s just Jocelyn’s luck that she meets her match at the fake bachelorette party her best friend throws for her. She knows better than to get pulled into any of Cee-Cee’s antics. It must have been sheer exhaustion that made her agree to help her best friend out with a work project – one that ended up with her playing bachelorette for the night! No man ever wants to be knocked off his feet by a woman he meets while she’s wearing a bachelorette “suck for a buck” shirt… Andrew knows that he wants Jocelyn the moment he lays eyes on her, but he’s never been one to poach on another man’s territory. He walks away but finds himself changed by the experience. Imagine his surprise when he sees her again, only to discover she isn’t married and has never even been engaged.

Christmas With Her Two Masters
Charlotte is looking forward to a Christmas holiday break with her Master and her Lover.
But when there is a turn in the weather, will the Threesome enjoy the time as they expected?
A Christmas Short Story of BDSM, Ménage, Erotic Romance

The man made my life pure hell in high school. But that was years ago. And we’re both all grown up now. He’s hotter than sin and has a smile that leaves me and my friends panting for his attention. It’s spring break and I need time with the girls on the beach. Florida should do the trick. Never in a million years did I expect Hudson Philips to be there. Memories of him bullying and teasing me mercilessly roll through me in waves, but we’re not kids anymore, and those aren’t the only waves he’s making. He’s damned determined to get back into my good graces, and he’s working every angle possible to make sure it happens. As hard as I try to deny him, he quickly becomes the only thing I can think about. But the minute I let down my guard, he puts his up again. He’s not looking for a long-term love affair. I wish he were, but for now, I simply want him to touch me again. 

Dylan doesn’t want romance. She doesn’t need it. But it’s coming for her all the same. Army Captain, Holden Marquez, can’t keep his mind off battlefield surgeon, Dylan. Talented, capable and a looker to boot, she’s exactly the kind of woman he wants to settle down with. But Dylan’s heart is with her first love. Her husband, lost in battle years before. And he’s also Holden’s older brother. Dylan swears she’s done with romance, and while she might flirt with the handsome young soldier, she has no intentions of anything more serious happening. The problem is Holden is charming. And his offers of romance and love are tempting. And Dylan can’t help but find herself spending more and more time with him… Until the stakes on their playful relationship are raised in an unexpected way as the dangers of war tear them apart. Finding out she is pregnant, Dylan will do anything to find the child a more loving home than she knows she can provide. Her only goal is leaving the newborn with his father and leave. Just knowing her child is safe. But Holden won’t just let her walk away from them, he will stop at nothing to show her that they are meant to be together. All three of them. Even if that means he has to romance her all over again. The walls around Dylan’s heart are high. Can Holden pass them and secure a happy life for Dylan, their baby and him?

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