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To Love and be Loved… Is that the Same as Being in Love?

Must We Always Be What Others Expect Of Us?

What is the purpose of our lives?
Must we always put others first, at the expense of our own happiness?
Beth has dreams of her own, but to achieve them, she must overcome the prejudice and assumptions of those who say they love her.
Does she have what it takes to do it?

A Steamy Tale of Friendship and Self Discovery

A woman in the business of love that’s never been in a real relationship. Check. That’s me. Nessa Night. Now I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a stripper name. Hold up. Let me explain. It’s my radio talk-show name. My incognito way of helping the world love deeper and more often. Though my love life is like a ten-year-old fall leaf trapped between the pages of an old journal. #dramatic  I’m short. Curvy. Average at best. And I’m a fraud. For all the advice I give on the air, I have zero experience to back it up. I’m eternally single. Forever alone. And the only man I’ve ever caught feelings for is one of my callers: Mr No Name. Much to my surprise, he’s not unknown at all. The grandson of the great Jack Daniels is my caller, and worse? He’s my brother’s best friend from high school. Only one way to right these increasingly awkward wrongs. High school reunion time. He wants in, and I want a date who looks like him. The only thing off is his advice about love. It’s from Nessa night. Me! And if he swoons over her (me!) one more time, I’ll have to give in and tell him. Besides, I’m in the business of love. If I don’t got this, who does? *Gulp* 

Maximus has always known two things: He was destined to be the Bravo of his Pack and he’s in love with Gillian Matthews. The problem is, Gillian was raised knowing she was destined to be mated to the Alpha, who is Maximus’s best friend.

Although they’ve kept each other at arms length, you can’t escape fate. When it becomes clear that Gilly is Max’s mate, and not Mateo’s, they will all have to come to terms with the way this will impact, not just their lives, but the pack’s future.

Alpha at Home is the first in an all new series about men who may not be brothers by blood, but are brothers of the heart. And the realization that, regardless of how the Matthews siblings have been raised, sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if it’s leading you down the hardest path.

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