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The perfect dessert should lick you dirty. A seduction: that’s what my restaurant Flambé will be when it opens—the hottest one-night stand you didn’t know you wanted to indulge in. Except my one-night stand just became the lynchpin in securing my restaurant’s biggest investor. Flambé is a classy establishment, but now I have to hire the Tiki-drink-slinging shirtless wonder Connor Voss as my new bartender … or I’m out of business! Call me a control-freak, but Connor is a recipe for disaster, and I won’t last the week. Not only is Connor sure that he can mix a drink better than me (let him try!), he thinks he’s allowed to play with fire, flirt with the wait staff, and defy everything I say. I may be “the boss”, but he’s sure he can do whatever he wants because he knows woman-on-top is not my favorite position. But this is my kitchen. If Connor Voss wants to play with fire, then he’d better get ready, because he’s about to learn just how I hot I burn.

She thinks she knows this player… Why does my promotion depend on Dan McMullen, of all people? I’ve been working my butt off for years and now all I have to do is get the star center fielder game ready and it’s mine. Yes, our relationship happened ten years ago, but I’ll never forget how he broke my heart. He was my first love after all. But I’m older now, wiser. I won’t let anything stand in the way of earning that promotion. Not even a sexy player who thinks we’re going to kiss and make up. .…but he’s full of surprises. Back in college, I loved two things…Sabrina Kelly and baseball. Baseball worked out great. Sabrina, not so much. I know I broke her heart, but I’m not that guy anymore. My busted knee may keep me off the field this season, but it’s also given me the chance to get her back into my life. She’s a damn good physical therapist and if anyone can get me on my feet, it’s her. And while she’s here, I just have to convince her to give me another chance.

Amber: I’m in Vegas, on a honeymoon for one. Yeah, he jilted me. I’m not wallowing though; I’m having the time of my life. But I’m not prepared for someone like John. He’s too sure of himself and I’ve been bitten before. But then, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? John: I’m at the convention in Vegas, supposed to be focusing on my new business venture, not the gorgeous redhead who sits down next to me at the bar. She’s got forever written all over her and well, they don’t call it the Marriage Capital of the World for nothing. Older Male, Curvy Girl romance. The Men of Eden shorts are stand-alone instalove romances, achingly sweet and perfectly steamy.

Sometimes fate gets it wrong. When the Luna announced that I was fated to be the mate of the Western Pack’s Alpha, Jack “Wicked Wolf” Walker, I knew that I would never survive him. I’m an omega. Gentle by nature, all of my packmates thought I could temper his cruelty—but they were way wrong. As it is, it’s all I can do to avoid being marked by him and tied to him for life. Luckily, my brute of a mate has a taste for females, and fully bonding me to him means that he won’t get to hop from cabin to cabin while I pretend like I’m happy to be called his. For three years, I walked a thin line between being Jack’s plaything and his bonded mate. When I gave birth to his pup, I thought he might change, but I did the one thing that he considered unthinkable: I gave him a daughter. Worse, I gave him the first female alpha since the Luna herself. Not that he knows that. I manage to hide her true nature, passing her off as an omega just like me—until Jack discovers the truth, and I’m left with no choice but to leave. I know he’ll come after us. My mate is psychotic, he’s vicious, and he’s cruel. He thinks he owns me, and he’ll kill my daughter if he can get his claws on her. And while I may be an omega, I’m also a wolf. I’ll protect her, no matter what, and when I pass into the territory of a neighboring pack, I attack the first wolf I see. Who just so happens to be the Alpha of the Lakeview Pack…

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