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wo paths: one new, one familiar. And a burning desire to choose them both… When Damon spots a stunning redhead on his plane, the pilot’s determined to get to know her better. It’s been a long time since he’s experienced an instant connection with anyone. The last time was with his former lover, who left without an explanation over five years ago, devastating him. Though now cautious when it comes to relationships, MacKenzie just might be everything he’s looking for and more. Not expecting to meet the tall, dark and handsome captain on her flight home, Mac finds Damon’s domineering persistence a turn-on. She decides to take a chance on him, which, in the end, might be a mistake when a person from his past returns. A man Damon loved and still does. The last five years had been dark journey for Trevor, and he’s now ready to return to the light. He’s back in Boston to not only ask for forgiveness but to reconnect with Damon, since he still loves the man. However, there’s a complication. Damon is seeing someone else and Trevor might be too late. 

He’s twenty years older. HOT single daddy. And my very bossy bodyguard. It’s naughty and sooo tempting. But a scandal like this could ruin everything. I’ve always been a good girl. Played by all the rules. But now my inner bad girl wants out. Theo is enigmatic. Incurably broken… And incurably fine. And what makes me desire him even more is that he’s one h*ll of a father. Should I be more worried about the dangerous men after me… Or the inappropriate feelings I have for my much older bodyguard?! Theo: Ava’s infuriating. Uncooperative. And makes me want to put her over my knee and teach her a lesson. The beauty arouses parts of me I’ve had locked away for years. Who the h*ll am I kidding? I’m twice her age. And her rich politician father hired me to protect her… Not to make me her new ‘Daddy’. She’s mine to protect. And I’ll take great pleasure bringing down the criminals after her. Then I’ll make my exit because the thoughts I’m having about Ava are downright dirty… Like picturing the beauty bare and ready for me to light up her world like the Fourth of July!

Brecken Kane had been damn good at his job in the military. The experience served him well when he moved into the private sector. Brecken’s new security business is booming, and he’s settling into civilian life. Little does he know his newest client’s request to save his daughter will change everything.
Hadley Gresham knows she isn’t likely to make it out of the jungle alive. She’d distanced herself from her parents after she learned her dad made his money selling illegal arms. Kidnapped by his competitors, she knows there’s little chance he’ll be able to save her.
Luckily for Hadley, her father hires Brecken. He’d never leave an innocent woman behind, let alone the one he quickly comes to consider his. Brecken might be Hadley’s rescuer, but she’s the one who saves his soul.  

What does a welcome party, a night of drinking, and a recently enrolled college student have in common? Nothing, but that’s what was needed for a one-way ticket to Purgatory. I’m Nerezza Taylor, and there must be a mistake. I’m not a mythical creature, and I don’t have powers. I would know if I needed Nair during the full moon or had a hankering for the taste of pennies, right? When an ancient door pulls me into Purgatory, I’m not given much of a choice: Attend Purgatory Prep or be locked up forever since I’m an anomaly. Alex, I’ll take Purgatory Prep for 1,000, please. Humans aren’t supposed to be able to cross over the barrier, but here I am. So what does that mean for me? Everyone makes it their duty to remind me of the fact that I don’t belong here. The only thing that might keep me sane during this journey is my shapeshifting pet Lynx, a fainting bestie, and the five drool-worthy men here. Want to find out how I get out of this shitstorm? Well, so do I. So come join me on my journey as I try and survive the perils of Purgatory Prep Academy. 

Deviants and delinquents…
These men exist outside the law. They walk in the shadows and thrive in the dark.
Bad to the bone, they take what they want.
What happens when what they want is you?
What happens when the anger that burns through their veins is now directed at you?
Can enemies really become lovers or is it just a losing game?
These Deviant Ties follows sixteen authors who bring you steamy, dark MM stories that will make your toes curl and your heart pound.

For the first time ever, all four books in the Falling series are together in one steamy hot collection.

Falling for Dr. Kelly: Every force has an equal and opposite attraction.
Love being the most volatile of them all. 

Falling for Dr. Knight: Chaos and tragedy can either bring us together, or tear us apart. Falling in love isn’t like it is in fairy tales.

Falling for Agent Cox: There’s a fine line between love and hate. A love fueled from hate, is the strongest of them all.

Falling for Agent Cruz: There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to happily ever afters. Falling in love happens when you least expect it.

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