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Auctioning your sister off so the winner could figure out how to get her across the country for your son’s birthday was beyond reckless. Melisande Bisset was used to Ana going a little overboard, but her newest scheme was way out there. Only she might’ve been onto something because a smoking hot security expert with a pilot’s license came to the rescue.

Devon Miller had seen too much during his years in the military to let the gorgeous graduate fend for herself. Except someone else already has their eye on Mel. For the first time ever, Devon’s reasons for protecting someone were personal instead of professional. Now that he’s claimed Mel as his own, nobody was going to take her away from him.

The plucky Miss Elaine Balderhoff’s life is hanging by a thread as the Wells Fargo stage races across the Nevada desert. Bandits have attacked the stage, and the shotgun messenger sworn to protect the passengers is now the one in desperate need of help. In all the ruckus, the unthinkable has happened. He’s lost the new Virginia City schoolmarm’s cat. Finding her beloved Moses will certainly trump Mr. Roth’s need to stay alive. Overly responsible, Miss Balderhoff realizes when the Wells Fargo man isn’t snarling from pain, he’s quite handsome. More than Christian duty sparks her steps to his aid. Serious and determined, Sawyer Roth could care less about a silly cat. Without a working shoulder, he’s no good as a Wells Fargo shotgun messenger. Gutsy and kind, he’ll give Miss Balderhoff that. But her sweet smile and warm touch will not persuade him into affections with a gal so odd and peculiar as her. And a shotgun messenger’s not allowed to marry, so there is no future to entertain. Or is there?

She destroyed his heart. Now she needs him to keep her safe.

After the murder of her parents, Aria Kingston finds her life in danger and has no choice but to turn to Jace Laredo, her ex-boyfriend, whose heart she broke years ago. As the son of a former Navy SEAL, and a Protection Specialist for Elite Arms, Jace takes Aria to their safe house.

Once there, he agrees to help her track down the person responsible for murdering her parents. As they get closer to the truth, threats against Aria’s life escalate. Just when Jace lets down his guard and gives their relationship another chance, the unthinkable happens. Aria is abducted, and he must race against the clock to save her.  

Dirty Daddies presents PRIDE. Love is Love and romance comes in all shapes, sizes, and pairings. So do Daddies. Eleven authors. Eleven brand new stories. Eleven Dominants that prove being a Daddy is about more than just your gender identity or who you desire. They have the attitude, the need to protect and provide, and a certain someone they can’t wait to make their own. With stories from some of the top authors in the genre and pairings of MM, FF and MMF, Dirty Daddies Pride is sure to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and rainbow-colored-stars in your eyes! 

Anthology includes the following stories: Dirty Hand (MM) by Nora Phoenix, Sculptures and Snuggles (MM) by Della Cain, Butcher’s Babygirl (trans FF) by Siobhan Smile, Van: Dr. Richards’ Littles® #32 (MMF) by Pepper North, Dirty Deed (MM) by Gianni Holmes, Daddy, At Your Service (FF) by Eden Bradley, A Leap of Faith (MM) by M.A. Innes, Daddy’s Rent Boy (MM) by Chara Croft, Slippery When Wet (MM) by Morticia Knight, Daddy Abroad (MM) by P.D. Carter, & Secrets and Princess Dresses (MMF) by Jamie Merrick.

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