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People have been falling in love online for years, and the reason is that words are the most powerful thing in the world…

She’s ready for love, even the Reality TV kind. Gianna McKenna is a firm believer on the theory that love doesn’t see form or gender. She just wants to find someone to share a life with, someone she can trust. When Dr Bernard partners up with the big network WNB for a new dating reality show, Gianna signs up straight away.

Opening yourself up it’s difficult, especially in front of millions on national television. Gianna can only hope that she’s likable on screen, she can talk without a stutter, and of course: Her match is perfect. 

Alone in Life…

Kirstie lives alone, with her memories of her embittered past and a determination not to repeat old mistakes.
When she meets two very different strangers, what path will she choose to follow?

A BDSM Erotic Romance

Live to ride. Ride to live.
Nickel: Nickel lives free with the brothers he calls family and has never craved anything more until he met Karmen. The shy, quiet nurse caught his eye months ago, and he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind since. Nickel knows what he wants, but he’s never had to fight for it before. Until Karmen.
Pipe: Pipe cares about one person and one person only. A revolving door of women might spend the night in his bed, but they all know the score before they step foot through the door. 1. No promises. 2. One night. They all respect the rules and go on their merry way more than satisfied in the morning. All except Nikki. While Nikki thinks Pipe can’t give her what she needs, Pipe is worried Nikki is going to rock his world and never leave it the same.
Maniac: Wren was done. After being used and abused, she lands in the lap of Maniac. A man who sees her as nothing more than a chore. Maniac West isn’t a man to mess with. When he is assigned to watch over Wren, he ignores how he feels about the woman with the soulless eyes. Something in them makes him crave to return light there. But Wren is a job. No more, no less. That all changes when Wren decides she doesn’t want to live.

When danger strikes, Keira will do whatever it takes to survive while protecting Declan. Will their love pull through their nightmare?

Fresh out of college, Keira Ashe embarks on an adventure she has planned for years. The road trip through the Irish countryside gets off to a bumpy start, but her luck changes when she meets gorgeous bartender Declan.

Declan Slane has run out of luck with love. A troubled past he keeps locked away holds him back. Love isn’t in his plans, but Declan can’t help falling for Keira. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even facing his own demons.

When Keira’s innocence ignites dark desires in a dangerous man, she must fight for her life away from Declan’s protective arms. Will she escape the psychopath who is targeting her? How can she spare Declan, if it might mean losing him forever?

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