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After his plane was shot down over the French countryside, Gideon returned home to New Orleans from the Great War broken in mind, body, and spirit. He has struggled for three years to heal himself and find his place in the world. Will his beautiful new nurse, Ida Mae offer him the redemption he seeks?

The loss of her husband and her father to the Spanish Flu set Ida Mae on her own healing path. But the life she’s determined to live helping others does not include the assistance of a man.

Can these two deeply scarred people find happiness with each other?

Set in the free-wheeling 1920s of vibrant New Orleans, The Flapper and the Flyboy brims with dynamic characters, historically rich settings, and the redeeming power of love. 

I stole her soul… now I will fill her womb.

The leaders of Solgad call me a rebel. They banished my tribe to the drought-cracked plains, denying me what is mine by right—the title of warlord and a place among those who wield power. But not much longer.

To save those under my protection, I steal an Earth woman away from her betrothed. With a sting of my tailclaw between her ribs, I force a soulbond on Ceangal, ruining her for all males to come. Once I put my child in her belly, her influential father has no choice but to support my claim.

With my tribe at the brink of collapse, the female’s reluctance toward me means nothing. I stole her soul, yes, but she will surrender her body. Come her next heat, she will beg me to fill her with what only I can give. It may save my tribe. Or destroy us both.

Seven hot and fast short novellas, like a fevered kiss in the dark, full of passion, steam, and true medieval Highland romance! The Highlander’s Scarred Heart, The Highlander’s Legacy, The Highlander’s Return, Her Knight’s Second Chance, The Highlander’s Vow, Her Knight’s Christmas Gift, Her Outlaw Highlander

The Highlander’s Scarred Heart: When Sean walks into the village with a scarred face and a scarred heart, he is only hoping for a dry place to sleep. Then he meets the one woman who sees the man under the scars… and his life is changed forever. 

The Highlander’s Legacy: Highland warrior Brice Grant is fiercely loyal to his family, and when one of them is injured, he runs to the person who might help. Only he doesn’t know this same woman will steal his heart…

The Highlander’s Return: Falsely accused.Left his clan lands under a shadow. Now Conal MacKinlay has returned — but what future awaits this dark and tainted man when he gets there?

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She’s fresh out of jail…He’s fresh out of luck.

Spoiled billionaire heiress Emery Brighton indulges in one mimosa too many, attempts to steal a horse, and winds up in jail. A sentence of community service leaves her at the mercy of strangers on a remote ranch near a small town in Oregon. Adjusting to country life is hard enough, but she has no idea how to handle her growing affection for a surly cowboy and his adorable daughter.

Steady and dependable as the day is long, rancher Hudson Cole just wants to raise his little girl and be left alone. When his grandmother invites a lawbreaker dressed in Louis Vuitton to Summer Creek Ranch, Hud is convinced Grammy has lost her ever-loving mind. Determined to detest Emery, he instead finds himself doing the one thing he vowed would never happen again: falling in love. With one foot out the door, will love be enough to convince Emery to stay?

JAZZ: I’m a determined dreamer–at least I used to be. I put all my dreams on hold and withdrew every penny from my savings account to pay the debt my ailing father owes to a local gang. Except, according to the gang’s slimy leader, even my life savings won’t be enough to pay the enormous debt my dad’s accrued. And his leering gaze lets me know exactly how he wants me to pay the balance. A ruthless stranger offers to pay my remaining debt. He’s a tattooed crimelord, a cold, beautiful animal who regards me with dead eyes. The price for this kindness? Possession. The complete and utter kind. You’re mine, he informs me when I ask him why he did it, leaving me to figure out…. Is he my unexpected savior or my ruthless mistake?

HAN: I learned from a young age that women aren’t worth much. They don’t stay. They’re not loyal. They weaken you, then disappear at the first sign of trouble. That’s why I don’t do relationships–especially with good girls who have no place in my criminal underworld. I should stay away from her. Let her pay me back some other way. But I can’t. She’s golden sunshine wrapped in a sexy little package, lighting up all the dark parts of my heart. And when she asks me why I did it, two words rise without thought or reason. You’re mine. She thinks I’m the mistake, but it’s the other way around. I don’t do relationships. I don’t even let women spend the night. But this one… She has me breaking all of my rules.


I was the rich kid from St. Thomas Academy, while Taryn attended Bessemer Bay High, the local public school. We had one perfect night. And because I never made a promise I couldn’t keep, I offered her nothing more. 

Five years passed. 

Thanks to family duty, I’d spent those years as a Marine in Afghanistan, the handler of a bomb sniffing dog. One thought carried me through those years: seeing Taryn again. 

Our reunion was unintentional. Discovering she had a daughter was unexpected. 

Loving her would mean I finally had the family I’d always wanted. Keeping her would require a bigger transformation than bootcamp. 

Losing her wasn’t an option. 

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